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Cauliflower cheese and chips is de rigeur up here!  Though it's easier with roast spuds and roast onions, as they can all go in the oven together......I only do 'real' chips in a chip pan. 

Am peg-rugging.......done 9 rows, am crippled!  It's amazing how just leaning forward shoving fabric through small holes poked in hessian can make everything you've got ache!  Given up for tonight and Boswell is snuggled up on it, hard and fast asleep.  He thinks it's Christmas!

Right folks, I'm signing out early tonight.  OH is still looking for a replacement car and I need to make supportive noises where suitable......and quite frankly, I'm not over-struck by some of his choices.  As a car-phobic, I need something uber-safe, preferably big, four wheel drive and bombproof.  He wants economy and reliability.   I need to keep an eye on his peregrinations........not often you can use that in a sentence.......

Deliberate cruelty to animals?  I'd happily bring back hanging.  There, said it.  And NO apologies.  They don't deserve life. End of.   The Word according to Mu.  I can think of better ways to spend an evening........

Enjoy yours, whatever you're up to.

My boss always referred to undercrackers as 'skiddies'.  Just to add to the list! 

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MU.  Skiddies.  Ha ha.  Good one.  Childish I know.    Good luck with 'steering' your Oh to your way of thinking.  We have an SUV.   I can look over hedges and into people's living rooms and gardens now.   A whole new world  Whadda y mean..while y driving ?     Yes while I'm driving 

LANTS.   I know.  They're not human.  

I don't apologise either MU.  I'd shoot them.   

Nice to see you SGL.   Your awake early 

LB.  Hope you can get warm soon.......I'm the same, freezing feet and hands.    Heating on quite high too.  

HAZEL.  Cooeeee !   Where are you ?  

RUBEE.  Not had C. Cheese and chips together.  Had it with roasters tho.   Finished that book that disturbed me.  Oh said he doesn't want me any more disturbed than I already am.     Starting the Crooked House tonight.  

Late tea tonight.  

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I don't like cauliflower 


M-U, good luck with the car hunt. Something reliable and economical to run with room for GC purchases is what's needed.

Give your finger joints a day's rest.

Lants, it's good that you can escape to son's while bathroom is being redone. . . . better to have OH away from the disruption even if he wont be very happy about it.

The afternoon turned wet and miserable. Ex next door neighbour came to tell me that the house (which hasn't sold yet) is being rented to a couple from 1st December. As she had only been in the house for a year and now lives a few miles away, I thought it was nice of her to let me know.

LB......a GC a plant in mind?

Acquired taste, Chey! But not obligatory!

Car-search proving tiresome in the extreme.  I expect to be on the bus for the foreseeable...........


Is there any make or type your OH is thinking of, MU, or is it a question of he'll know it when he sees it? Not pleasurable searching at all when it's a necessity rather than an upgrade or change.

My MIL used to big rugs like that and in the end she had to give up because it hurt her fingers so much. My Mum's one was still unfinished for the same reason till my OH did it for her!

Wasn't that nice of your ex neighbour to take the trouble  to come and tell you about your new neighbours, Joyce. We've got new neighbours coming too soon. Trouble is a few days after they move in is when our bathroom work starts. Oh well, I expect they'll be making a bit of noise themselves as they get things sorted and done...though maybe not as much as a bathroom being ripped out.....

Come on LB, come clean, what plant are you thinking about?

Iam signing out .Going to read . Goodnight dear people.


Nighty night Rubee and M-U.

I am going to look at the Christmas things Joyce They should have completed their full on display now. I love it!

Speaking of those hideous men ill treating the dogs, I would strip them down to their undercrackers and pitch them into the North Sea - see how they like it. Some supposed humans are definitely not human. I HATE with a passion anyone who is cruel to an animal.

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I had cauliflower cheese and chips too, lovely.  I hope the car hunt is a speedy one Muddle.  That was very considerate of your ex neighbour Joyce.  I hope your bathroom works go well Lants.  Checking out now night night everyone X.

Chey have you tried fried cauliflower done in a wok it has a different taste and texture.  It's very nice!


Nighty night Rebecca. Sleep well.

p.s. that sounds a delicious slant on cauliflower Rebecca.

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Right, thats me done for the night so see you all tomorrow folks.


Me too,  night everyone,   Sleep tight.  

That cauliflower is something I fancy trying, Rebecca! Sounds nice.

Nighty night all.



I'm off too. Night everyone 


Me too  night all.




Morning PF.  don't know what the weather is like here.  I haven't emerged from under the covers yet.