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Good Mornin' All those Up and At It,

Pauline.......good nights sleep will do you a world of good.   Keep plodding on for three more weeks.

LB....sounds like a nice homely weekend for you.

OH had agreed to continue looking for bathrooms suites this week-end.  This is a minor miracle.  My eight tiles are still stuck to the wall covered by their trusty plastic bag and it does seem to work.

Bit dreary looking outside so will be an indoorsy day.  Hoping it will cheer up tomorrow as I'm planning on pruning the allotment fruit bushes.  Hey ho.


Also, I have started C*****s really early this year as I bought one pack of cards yesterday while in the big town.  Don't know what overcame me as I don't usually start until December.  Will have to calm down. 


LB.......just looked in the Radio Times to see if there is anything worth watching on t'telly tonight and spotted details of your rugby match - Wales v Australia - should be a brilliant watch. Get out the chocolate chip cookies and put your feet up on the coffee table girl. 

Where are the Rezzers - having a lie-in? 

Morning, here but not quite with it till I've slurped more coffee.

F'edge, told you! Softly softly catchee monkey. Now, don't go over excited at any bathroom suites but at the same time don't seem so disinterested that your OH thinks it's not worth bothering. Casual but interested and like his suggestions. He'll soon decided it's his idea and it's something which he needs to get sorted.

Grey, drizzly here this morning - washed my hair too, may as well not have bothered. Dog refuses to go out for the necessaries. She doesn't do rain.

Have a good day all of you.


Morning Pauline, F'edge, Lants.

F'edge its fine to mention Christmas now as Bonfire night is over and done with.


Kitty 2

Morning all . It's a bit nippy here, so I've snuck back under the duvet with my first brew of the day ☕.

Kitty 2

Morning LB, rugby eh... That's Mr K's afternoon sorted then, unless the footy takes precedent .  Who am I kidding, he'll be channel hopping . It's all background noise to me .

Not started on Christmas yet Fedge, I need to get a shift on, it's creeping up fast and I haven't a clue about pressies. Only ourselves to buy for plus my parents, don't bother with extended family anymore. 

Hope the drizzle fizzles out Lants.  Tiggs needs to go out sometime, can't be crossing her legs all day 😰.

Glad you had a good nights sleep Pauline 😊. Heading towards the final furlong, and we're backing you all the way 👍.

Good idea Pansy, it definitely feels like time to dig out the thermals 😁.


Morning all.

Fed the birds before having my cuppa.....they were lining up on the fence beside an empty feeder. 

Damp but not cold

Glad you had a good sleep Pauline. Sets you up for the day.



It's cloudy but sort of light grey clouds not the almost black ones preceding rain.

Morning all . Present wrapping for me today.   Weather very cold but dry.  Pauline ,nearly there .Good nights sleep makes all the difference.

Joyce you have reminded me . I must go out and fill the feeders. Time for a cuppa.

Runners let me know what you think of book .Thats when you have read enough to comment.

Good morning Rezzers! 

May I ask a question, please?  It's been puzzling me for weeks.  F'edge, why the plastic bag over the tiles in the bathroom?.......I don't 'get' the I missing something?  Oh I do hope Mister F'edge falls for the charms of a new bathroom suite!  Fingers crossed girl!  Do as Lants suggssts, try to convince him it was his idea in the first place, regarding the choices.....

Bit iffy weather-wise up here....sunshine and sign of window-man and no note, so he must be busy.  I don't mind, it's not urgent, and it's not a long job, but it'd be nice to know exactly when it's going to be done.

Rugby eh, LB?  That's me stuffed, then .  I'm with Kitty, it's just background noise to me, along with the odd loud yell or groan, depending who's playing.  I'll find stuff to do......maybe finish off the Christmas cards, paint some lolly sticks, do a few more rows of the rug.....

Blasted site just jumped so I hit 'Post reply' instead of the keypad.  Happens a lot.  Very annoying.

Have a good day everyone, whatever you're up to.  Still no decision on a replacement car yet.  Last night he said ' The more I look, the more I find, and that makes me more indecisive.'

Could be a long time before I see a big supermarket again, at this rate.......

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Oooo that's gorgeous, LB.

Of course it's Armistice Day.......a sombre thought.


Washed dishes ,cleaned  litter trays , wrapped some presents. You  can see how exiting my day  is panning out .Going to have a Cup of tea

MU , I wondered about the plastic in the bathroom.

Morning LB Muddle Pauline Foresters Lantana Kitty and Chey.  Just having a cup of tea after sorting through clothes which I no longer wear and taking down all the hangers.  Cool and sunny today.  Watching London's Lord Mayor's Parade.  Lovely pic LB will be watching the tribute tonight as usual.  

I'm going out to wash the downstairs windows......oops......shouldn't have said that, should I?  Excuse.....I can't get a clear view of the birds on the feeders because the windows are so mucky.....will that stop Colonel TT in his tracks?  Hope so!

Glad it's not just me wondering about F'edge's plastic bag! 


Do you think the spiced apple Febreze will be in shops again? I'm almost out