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Morning Rezzers.


A very good morning Joyce.


Morning LB.

You have reminded me that the dark chocolate, bought last week, is still intact.

Going to do an early SM trip this morning.

Hazel --

Morning all. Up early for some reason.

Looks quite pleasant outside. No rain anyway.

Going to a laying of a plaque this morning to commemorate a soldier from the first world war who received a VC. Should be very moving.


plant pauper
Cheyngel says:

It's all kicking off tonight 

See original post

 It's clean mental at your's! No wonder you stay indoors...never mind the snow! 

Morning all.

Tipping it down here but we were warned so no suprises.

What to do though, that's the thing. The boot room might get another lick of paint. It's less bum cream/pink than it was but still as shabby.

There's auction viewing to be done.... I had intended to take a trailer-load of garden to the dump but I'm not going out in that. I'm staying indoors eating cake with Chey.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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Precipitation due here at 2pm pp

Hazel, it will be a touching occasion. even if you have no direct link to the person.


Joyce, you are so good in not having scoffed all your dark chocolate.

Hazel, I wold be crying non stop if I were there.

I'm going to the Corn Mill to buy some more bird food. The little critturs are eating me out of house and home.

PP - its not raining here as yet so hopefully the trip to the Mill will be a pleasant drive. The trip does pass a GC so I might get drawn in for a quick look round.


LB, I did scoff most of the ice cream.. I will need to plonk the chocolate as daughter will be here on Friday 

plant pauper

Oh no LB...not the GC!!!! Can't you go another route? Surely there is some way to avoid it.  


Decided SM can wait and I will garden before the rain arrives later.

Good morning, up and about earlier than usual as we've got a dreaded shopping centre visit to make. 

Putting studs in the road at 8pm? Shoplifting kids? Takeaway people covered in soil and plants? Must be like living an episode of Miami Vice, Chey Its all happening. Several nights running in our road someone has been revving up his throaty sounding car late at night. The neighbours are furious. The area is definitely going downhill!

Joyce, keeping chocolate? How do you manage that?

LB, do let us know if you succumb to the lures of the GC.

There's a flapping and a wobbling going on on the fence outside. Two young collared doves/wood pigeons learning to keep their balance and change places.

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Good morning everyone......sounds like everyone's gearing-up for the day.  Hope Chey's still in one piece after yesterday's bizarre set of events!  You don't need too many days like that before you start thinking you've sidled into some kind of alternative reality.

Right....the time has come, the walrus pop Rez 22 up.  Only a handful of posts left on this one, so I'll go do it pronto and see you over there.....

Hazel --

7.30am today.......great dolloping council truck turned up next door. Started emptying old furniture etc into it, making a right racket.

There are indeed strange goings on at the moment.


Good Morning,

Up with the lark and chattering away already.

At least not raining at the mo so might be lucky for the weekly local walk today.  The last three Wednesdays have been wet rain and only one person turned up last week. you frequent auctions and what sort of stuff do you bid on?

Hazel...hope it stays dry for the plaque laying...that sort of thing makes me choke up. 

Joyce...what is plonking chocolate?

LB...impossible to go past a GC without at least having a look - you never know what bargains you might spot.



F'edge, "plonking".....hiding.


Thanks Joyce.....must start using that word - good one.

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