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Night all, been asleep on the sofa Hope LB's snoring away by now.

Hazel -1

Goodnight to all those heading up the stairs.

LB, have a lovely holiday and we'll see you when you get back. Don't forget to send us a postcard!

Also the sticks of rock lol!

23 " blew" his first raspberry today

Pauline, get a supply of Rennies in, they're very good for indigestion. Hope you sleep alright tonight.

Joyce, hope tomorrow sees your daughter feeling a little better. It takes a few days for the heavy antibiotics to kick in- it did with me- so fingers crossed she will recover soon.

Sunny, hope you and the boys and kitties are managing alright. One day at a time.

SGL, how is your pain? Hope it's subsiding and that you're feeling somewhat better too.

RB, take care and don't overdo things even if you feel you can. Take it nice and steady. Hope OH is improving.

Night night everyone.

star gaze lily

Oops dozed off on the sofa too 

Thank you Hazel, feeling much better. Rash almost gone and the pain is easing. Slim itches like mad still though. Hope your daughter is ok too.

RB, good to see you. Hope you're feeling better now too. And OH of course.

Hope all poorly peeps and those in quiet corners are feeling better too.

Off to bed now, sweet dreams 


Been awake since 4:30

Am now very grouchy but can't go back to bed  Can't even go after dryer arrives cause worker is coming at 11








Morning  Pansy Pauline & Chey - sounds like you all had rubbish nights. Maybe a little siesta after lunch? 

This morning I shall be mainly vaccing and dusting downstairs. While that's happening the washing will be on and this afternoon I will do the ironing while I catch up with The Archers.

Tee hee such naughty children - while the teacher's away .... etc

Didn't see my little feline friend yesterday - guess he was snuggled up with his proper mummy. Will be nice if he visits regularly in future.

Good morning early Rezzers! 

We'll not be getting little sticks of Blackpool rock if LB catches us doing forbidden things of a houseworkly nature, no behave.....

Chey....the pelargonium.....SHOULD be fine over winter indoors.....outdoors the frost would kill it, end of. They're 'resting' in winter, although they might have flowers if they're cosy enough.  But water sparingly.  Never drown them, you'll rot the roots.  They can go weeks wighout water in winter, and then not a lot, just a splash.  My OH keeps his going for years.  Hope your drier arrives soon.

Pauline, I guess you'll have quite a few broken nights for a while, so you'll need to sleep whenever you get the chance.

Pansy....can definitely hear rumbling in the distance......she'll not have set foot out of the country yet and already we've mentioned i*****g......h*********ng........ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Morning All,

Those of you who had fitful sleep, try and snooze during the day if you can as sleep is so important for the body to do repairs.  

When LB was on her hols earlier in the year she knew exactly what we were all up to. 

Very dank looking day out there - so Lancashire.

Morning F'edge.....dank up here too....and foggy.  So Scotland!  Am wondering why I got up so - for me - early!

Yep, LB will have her radar tuned in to the naughty-step......I wonder how many of us will end up on it when she gets back? 

Might need a bigger step......

star gaze lily

Morning all 

A very misty autumnal morning out there 

Ooh Topbird, shhhhh! Has she flown off yet? LB could be peeking in from the airport  TH came out while she was away last time, I'd duck if I were you   

Perhaps we need a code 😉😂😂 

Take cover everyone! 

Think I'll just sofa surf today with a good book

Morning all . Pauline perhaps a kip on the sofa later on . My OH been up most of the night . You will all have to nod off on the sofa if you can.

I havent read back still half asleep . Don't let LB give you a false sense of security. Are you sure that she ha gone on holiday?🤔. She could watching folks. 😤😬


It's  here 

Morning all......lots of early risers this morning and lots of sofa sleepers last night.

An afternoon nap is recommended for those awake during the night.

New furniture for hall to be delivered between 9 and 12 so I'll join Chey in the waiting game.

A moan re food in daughter's email this morning......a good sign that she's on the mend She is still waiting for her shower....

LB will know everything that's going on so be very aware!!


THE 'DUCK!' HINT.......


M-U,  has the river level gone down now?

Hi, Joyce!  How's things with your daughter?

Yes, the river level has dropped quite a way, but the surrounding fields are pretty boggy-soggy so it'll fill up pretty quickly if we get a lot more rain.  Keeping fingers crossed for nothing more than drizzle. 

Oh wow Chey!  That's a nice one!  Certainly worth trying to keep that going over winter!