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Where is it now? If they've dumped it outside you don't want to scratch it trying to get it upstairs.

What you need is a hefty bloke...

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It's in the lounge, just needs moving up a floor - will enlist neighbour to move it up once unpacked 

Lovely plant Chey.  I don't build furniture Chey. If I did it would end up looking like a very bad piece of modern art.  That sounds like my electrical expertise Lants.😬🤥.

Chey....wait till your support worker comes, if your neighbour isn't handy.  You'll need to be careful not to damage the walls if it's a narrow staircase.  Or the dryer.  Or youself.  You got any rubber gloves? Less change of it slipping from your hands.  And wear something on your feet.

Thrre, that's you telled. 


No gloves but I'll have my shoes on 

Just discovered I have the 9KG one although I ordered the 8KG one 

Rubee - depending on who's viewing it it might be good modern art!

Support worker has a bad back so we shall have to see



Has LB got a 'deputy' to keep an eye on us while she is away?  Just wondering. 


Maybe one of us is the deputy 

Oh heck!  Better enlist the neighbour, then!

Pansy on a go-kart.....yep, it's a thought.....

Morning, Rubee! 

F'edge, I've got plenty of 'DUCK' pics to post if any of us inadvertently mentions The Naughty Things.  But I'm pretty sure LB will be on our case once she gets back......

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F'edge! and Chey! Are you accusing one of us of being a snitch?!

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I'm stuck indoors til my delivery comes 

Nothing to be done in front garden just now and will miss them if round the back.

Going to be one of those days, Joyce!  Have they given you any time-lapse mints to suck? 


It arrived just after I posted M-U so out to the bulbs after a coffee  

Morning MU . Lants I think there is a mole among us . Anyone not doing anything today is in the frame🤔😶😶


That was quick, Chey! 

Glad your cupboard has arrived, Joyce!  Gives you the rest of the day 'out back' now!


Rubee, my cleaner was here yesterday so I wont need to do anything involving h*** moles in the garden though 


S'not me either - I've just stripped the bed so lots of unmentionables going on here...

...and if I was The Mole I'd tell myself to b&&ger off out of my lawn - 2 new mole hills today - grrr