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LG the L

I saw it recommended on here and got one for my birthday,  with the plan to start using in earnest at the begining of 2018. It certainly looks much better and more practically designed than others I've seen.  But I'm doing what I always end up doing with this sort of thing - agonising over exactly how to use it best. I know that if I don't start then it will become another thing that doesn't get used, and I do really need/want to keep a record.

Should I use a double page spread per week of the month (there are 5 spreads per month)? Or should I just start and see how much I fill? Should I put the date by everything I write or just the week? And so on...

Would anyone be willing to share how they use theirs? Even post a photo of a sample page? Or even if you use a different way of noting stuff, it would be really interesting to actually see an example.

Yours, from an inveterate procrastinator.


I've been given one for Christmas (thank you Wonky ) so I'll be interested in responses to your query LG 

LG the L

Have you made a start on it yet, Dove? I don't want to get too hung up on the 'right' way (I know there's no right way), but I keep picking it up and then can't seem to bring myself to commit anything to paper! Silly I know, and I've really wished I'd made more notes over the last couple of years. I don't want to have the same regrets in a year's time.


No I've not started yet LG ... We've been away. i thought I'd start by recording our NYD flower count in it but haven't thought how/where. 

I had one of these years ago - unfortunately I also used to keep a general diary so a lot of things doubled up.

If I was to keep one again, I'd certainly record the weather, what was in flower, what seeds I had sown and what I had pruned.  I'd also record the bird sightings and other wildlife in the garden.  I'm tempted to say that I would date everything even if it was spread over a week but if you choose not, at least having it within a given week is helpful.

I'd also note if I had bought a new plant, when I planted it and give it a little space every month to check on it's habit, growth WHY.

Cuttings also - when taken and their progress.

Tree pruning - whether done by yourself or a professional and again, following the progress throughout the year.

If you have a GH, the list of things recorded gets longer and the same with fruit and veg - matching up the varieties, the resultant harvest, flavours, etc.

If you have wildlife areas/pond, etc. - recording the first sighting of activity, spawn/eggs etc. gives you a good record from year to year.

In many ways, the weather recording is a vital key as so much of what happens in our gardens depends on it.

I've probably forgotten other "musts" but no doubt you will get plenty of advice.

Hope you enjoy your diary LGL



I have a couple in the cupboard. I will dig one out and take a photo of a sample page.

LG the L

That would be fab, Hogweed. And thank you Philippa. I just need to p-p-pick up a pencil!

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