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In my opinion a very brave man who faced dementia knowing what would happen to him, and shared his experiences in an attempt to help fellow sufferers. I loved the fact that he arranged for his death to be announced on his own Twitter page, one hell of a chap


R.I.P.  Terry Pratchett.   Brilliant author, brave man. 


It is very sad only 66. Early onset of any type of dementia is rapid and he knew that.

Not everyone's view but I so admired the documentary he made about assisted dying in Switzerland,  I'm pleased he didn't have to do that and died at home.  

Yeah - very sad. A great writer. May he rest in peace.


Yes, sad news indeed. He did so much to raise awareness, I hope that his work continues 

And there is something quite comforting (I think that's the right word) that his cat was on his bed with him as he passed 


Yes, a brave man who gave an awful condition real dignity.  RIP

He was an amazing author and I love his books. Its so sad and he was so young. I work with people with dementia, its such a horrible illness!!!!!
I've been a fan of his books for a long while and was at the event where he announced his diagnosis. It was a huge shock then and even now it doesn't seem real that such a talented brain could be stolen away. I hope he didn't suffer too much.

Clari I wish I had been there to meet him. I've spoken to many people with early onset but none quite like Terry ..the Jonathan Swift on speed ..I think he was once called.  OH has all the Disc World books. 

Stagbeetle you will know what he endured and how well he did it.  



Thanks for this thread KEF. I'm trying to work out how to adequately express just how important Terry Pratchett's writing has been to me but I can't: my words just don't have the right power, but I must try...

The term that comes to mind first is belly laughs. Whilst his stories reference the full range of emotions, the numerous laugh-out-loud moments I experienced over the years actually helped me get through the day so often that I think they kept me healthier than otherwise might have been the case.  

This was also because, in spite of the improbability of the wonderfully storylines he created, the characters inhabiting his fantasy worlds always seemed completely authentic: we could identify with their feelings and motivations - and dare I say it - even even be inspired by them!  

In addition to being a very funny writer he was also a very moral person: this comes through his books loud and clear. I look forward to reading his last book when it comes out and shall miss all the new ones he will no longer be able to give us.



“No matter what she did with her hair it took about three minutes for it to tangle itself up again, like a garden hosepipe in a shed [Which, no matter how carefully coiled, will always uncoil overnight and tie the lawnmower to the bicycles].”
Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

RIP Terry.

.Will be sadly missed but he will live on in his wonderful books and amazing films. Thank you Terry RIP

Regards to your family.

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