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Right folks, over the next few days   go and collect all the rocket sticks you can find,  they make good free garden canes,  I got about 15 last year saves buying them  and free is always best,  I have 6 up to now as there was a few fireworks about on Halloween.


I'll have to send OH out with a ladder, there's some on the garage roof 

flowering rose

what a good idea,must get out and claim.



I got some this morning so have 10 up to now so over the next few days there should be a few more,  some of them are quite substantial so well worth the picking up.

Kathy 2

Not found any yet this year but I also save them as garden canes - you're right RJL, the bigger ones are more substancial than little canes.



I couldn't work out which variety of rocket produced sticks that could be used as canes - muppet!  

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