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Hi all again,i have 10 fig cuttings about 7 weeks old in water all rooted and doing very very well,,now were moving house over the next 2 months and they would be much easier to transport contained in water than in pots,question is this how long can they stay in water as i need to build fig pits for them at our new garden,or at our new place should i pot them for maybe a season then pit them,any advise please fig experts to the front please, many thanks for your time Alan4711

Worth a try, I'd be worried about rotting though. They'll need feeding as well by that time, not a lot of nutrients in water


pot them up, who knows what may crop up and stop you building the pits. At least if they are in small pots they can tick over for a bit, leave them in water too long and you risk losing them.


I'd pot them up for at least a season - you don't want to be putting them into their final homes too soon - the soil will get stale. I'd pot them up into terracotta - not sure why but I've a feeling they'll do better. 

Right thats the answer then pottem up for a season,swat i deeded to know,,, again cheers folks

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