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Hi. I'm designing an Italian garden and want to include several large very fragrant rosemary bushes in amongst some Pinus Pineas. Even after trying Google, I'm struggling to find some large specimens about 2 ft tall that provide immediate size and spread. Has anyone seen any local to Nottinghamshire, or from a company that will ship them to me. Your help is very much appreciated. Regards, Tracy


It's a bit early but I should think you'll find something in most GCs later on. 

Hiya Traceywt2, surely a 2' rosemary isn't that hard to find? I have bought shrubs of good size from Stephen Smiths garden centres. They have a good mail order service.
No doubt you know already but there are some very good dark or bright blue varieties of rosemary....Benedon Blue, for example. I see so many rosemaries growing with insipid wishy washy flowers and wonder why people don't grow the better varieties. I have one flowering at the moment with the brightest blue and it really,is worth the while searching for it.

Hi, agree with nutcutlet...just made the same request to my local GC...bringing out  their stock of larger rosemary plants by mid april...ground here very wet and cold for deep planting...

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