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Mike, all I can say is... you hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Enjoy yourself now, you never know what is around the corner.


Mike -  I would like to offer warmest wishes from both myself and Theresa. A sad day had its own unique silver lining,that gives reason for cautious optimism? I do hope that settles your mind even if a little  


New on here, but, with respect, I'll add my best wishes. It just shows how organic we all are. Look to the sun . .



Crossing my toes for you that these next few appointments go well!

Morning Mike

Glad the day got brighter for you.

Ive only experienced what you're going through via a young sister.......a huge, lomg roller coaster ride of emotions.  

Have happy day today Mike 



Good morning Mike - as Verdun has said - I'm glad the day got brighter for you, and as Fishy has said, you have good reason for cautious optimism.

All our fingers and toes are crossed for you - it will make weeding difficult and possibly the ironing will be impossible, but hey ho ... 

We must all remember to make every day worthwhile 


Hi Mike, I'm glad the day got brighter for you. Let me add my best wishes too. Lots of positive thoughts going your way
Daniel Haynes

Hello Mike. Best wishes from all here at GW - we very much hope that your next appointments go well.

I'm new on here too. Just want to let you know you are not going through these events alone. I've known many people with a variety of cancers throughout my whole life. It is a varied journey of emotions for everyone involved. In recent years my mother had breast cancer & my neighbour was treated for bladder cancer same as you last year, touchwood they are stronger everyday. I've noticed that the success of treatment has improved dramatically in the last 10 years with all the new research so you will be recovering soon.

My mother having cancer is what got me growing my own fruit & veg it may assist you too. The nutritional value & health benefits of your own produce far outweighs anything you can buy in the supermarket & will help boost your immune system. I focus on tomatoes a lot as they are well known to contain the cancer fighting ingredient lycopene. They grow best indoors if you don't have a greenhouse a cherry tom plant fits easily on a kitchen windowsill. Broccoli & sprouts are supposed to be great too I can't remember the exact nutrients they have. I also grow a lot of spinach & swiss chard which is high in iron & other vitamins whenever my mum was low on energy during & after treatment feeding her some of this seemed to give her a boost. Put the leaves in omelettes or casseroles or just on top of whatever you are eating. Camomile is a great herb to grow to make teas to aid relaxation & calmness.

Most importantly sitting out in a beautiful garden or going for a short walk somewhere with beautiful flowers, wildlife is a perfect way to revive & soothe the body & soul for you & your family. The perfect distraction is laughter so put your favourite comedy series on when you're resting up.

Keep fighting through the storm clouds until the rainbow appears.

Here's a few gardening themed jokes off the internet to lift spirits:

Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing.

Why did the Golden Delicious go to jail?
Because he was a rotten apple. 

What is green and goes to a summer camp?
A Brussels' scout.

What do you call a cow  who works for a gardener?
A lawn moo-er.

If only I could grow green stuff in my garden like I can in my refrigerator. 

Why did the gardener quit?
Because his celery wasn't high enough. 

How did the tomato court the corn?
He whispered sweet nothings into her ear. 

Checking the menu, a restaurant customer ordered a bowl of vegetable soup.  After a couple of spoonfuls, he saw a circle of wetness right under the bowl on the tablecloth.  He called the waitress over and said, "It's all wet down here. The bowl must be cracked."  The waitress said, "You ordered vegetable soup, maybe it has a leek in it."

A woman asks her neighbor, "can I borrow your lawnmower?"
Her neighbor says, "No, he's not home yet" 

What is small, red and whispers? 
A hoarse radish.

What sort of animal is a slug?
A snail with a housing problem. 

What do you call a country where the people drive only pink cars?
A pink carnation.

The best way to garden is to put on a wide brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig.

I'm a gardener and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I plant all day!
I dress in grubby clothing, and hang around with slugs.
Oh I'm happy in the garden
With dirt and plants and bugs . . .
(to the tune of Monty Python's "I'm a Lumberjack")

Busy Bee2

  Mike, my parents' birthdays were the 8th and 15th June, so this time of year was always a time for celebration, for years of my life, and now it is just any old time of year, which makes me feel so sad.  I am almost pre-programmed to think about parties and reunions, but all is quiet.  But I am very pleased to hear that you are doing well - especially that they caught your tumour early - hugs xxxx

Hello garden angel

There was a fantastic thread by a fantastic guy about some fantastic jokes.  

Orchid Lady

Hi Mike, I missed this thread last night, don't know how.  Fingers crossed everything goes well with your next few appointments and you continue on your journey to recovery xx

Hi mike,hope your OK I lost my mum to throat cancer, five years ago,and it still is so short whatever you want to do in life however big or small do it go on that holiday, read that book that you always wanted dad died four years ago,and the last words that we said to each other were I love know what ?I'm glad I said it embrace life .

Orchid Lady

Hey Mike......where are you?  You've not been on since that last post above, I've been checking up on you  I hope you're ok and if you are reading this and just not posting remember we are all still here for you ((hugs)).

I hope you've had some sunshine down there and have managed to enjoy a little of it.

I haven't posted it on the forum before, but I can understand a bit what you have been through and can empathise with Amanda, my mum is going in for a biopsy tomorrow, the same reason (ie symptoms etc) as yours initially but we don't know the outcome yet, we are hoping that the problems are caused by her medication and nothing more serious but only time will tell. They've said 2 weeks for the's going to be a long 2 weeks.

PS I'm not so sure about the gorgeous bit but if that's what you think I won't spoil it for you 



Good luck Mike Hope all goes well for you.


Hi Mike,

I can feel for you, my hubby had thyroid cancer and has had all the treatment and is clear now, I can only say how fantastic these Hospitals are and what amazing care they give (he was at Gloucester Royal).

I wish you good luck all the best and hope your journey through this phase is as painless as possible and the outcome successfull  xxx

Busy Bee2

OL - ugh - I hope that this won't overshadow your sister's wedding.  Medication can have funny effects though.  Problems with my thyroid medication can make me think all sorts of things are wrong.  I hope that is all it turns out to be.  Mike, too much sunshine here too (we are never happy in this country!!)   I could have been happy if I had been out on the lounger drinking cold drinks and reading a novel, but I was trying to plant a hedge somewhere where I probably shouldn't have been.  I might be a bit scarce in the next few weeks as I work from home and have a busy time coming up, but I will be on the Barnsdale trip, so not disappearing entirely. 

Orchid Lady

Thanks Bee and Mike, I don't want to dwell on it too much or the fact that it's Friday 13th tomorrow, but my mum always said 13 was her lucky number  

Glad to see you anyway Mike, even if you are a bit warm xx


Hey Mike, just to say I haven't forgotten you either.Don't worry about the seedlings,there will be others but your own health is paramount.

As for talking about cancer,I've not really said anything before because I didn't want to dwell on negatives but I lost both my Mum and brother to it.My Mum in 1998 aged 65 and my brother in 1999 aged 45.My Mum's was a classic smoker's lung cancer even though she never smoked in her life and my brother's was a tumour that formed around the blood vessels between his heart and lungs.We don't know what caused either.Genetics? Bad luck? Who knows but what I do know is that I hate the disease with a passion.