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Hi All Icame across a plant in pot at back of my garden shed the tag says its a Scabious Folia hard to make out spelling cant find it on plant search any ideas please


You're sure of the scabious I assume? Which letters in the second word are you sure of? 

Is it alive?


There is a Scabiosa graminifolia hich is a fairly low growing one. Might even be a native wild flower. Very similar to Scabiosa columbaria

hi berghill what you say looks good the word i can just make out is Patrinia i think

into the ground it goes tomorrow time will tell  thankyou


Ah, now there is a plant called Patrinia scabiosifolia. That is a different kettle of fish. It is an 18 inches tall yellow flowered border plant. Comes from the Far East.


Thankyou clearing that up now i know where to plant it


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