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to start 2017 here's a few seeds spare

Asclepias Tuberosa

 Orthrosanthus Polystachyus 

Thalictum Sphaerostachyum


Thalictrum flavum

Achillea Ptarmica

Vebascum Nigrum

Asclepias Incarnata

Oh that's a hear idea! I have a lot of beg seed and not a lot of space. I was thinking I'll probably sow around half a packet, so I can seal the packet and send them off to somebody on here 


Seeds available, some I've harvested and some I've tried but won't grow in my soil.

Mystery grass - looks like long thin needles

Echinops - white or blue

Acanthus Mollis

Agapanthus - blue and a variety called Streamline


Amaranthus Hypochondriacus

Anemone - pale pink/dark pink


Asphodel White

Lychnis - white or red




Eryngium Giganteum Miss Wilmotts Ghost

Eryngium Giganteum Tall Blue

Eucomis - white


Francoa Sonchifolia



Kitaibela Vitifolia Alba

Libertia Grandiflora

Linaria Purpurea - pink or purple

Lupin - blue or pink


Polemonium - white or blue

Salvia - purple or dark blue

Sweetpeas - mixed

Telekia Speciosa


Weld Reseda Luteola

Verbascum Olympicum

Verbascum Lychnitis

Watsonia - orange

Aquilegia - skinneri, dark blue, yellow, pink double, blue/white, tall pink single, mixed. These are the colour of the flowers the seeds came from.

Thalictrum - aqualegifolium, yellow

Astrantia - Hadspen blood red, white, pinky white

Phlomis -Tuberosa, fruticosum, purple, yellow

Hollyhock - pink/yellow, black

Harebell - mixed

Poppy - Beauty of Livermore, blackcurrant fizz, lilac doubles, pink, pink pompom, welsh, opium double red

Foxglove - Lutea, ice queen, grandiflora, peach, pale pink

Bupleurum Fruticosum

Teucrium Hircanicum

Morus blaice

Silene - hot pink

Stapelia variegata


Aconitum Sky Blue

Rudbeckia - Rusty, goldsturm, sundance, brilliant star, cherokee sunset, yellow, little golden, moreno


Cornflower - Fireworks

Calendula - Indian Prince

Verbena bonariensis

Echium - pastel mix

Foxglove - excelsior hybrid mixed

Aquilegia - Miss Scott Elliot mixed

Laurentia - shooting stars

Petrohagia - pink starlets

Dahlia - dwarf mixed

Phlox - dwarf beauty mixed

Zinnia - hot mix

Primrose - pink petticoats

Antirrhinum - illumination mix, rust resistant mix, kimosy mid rose

Aster - ostrich feather


Cosmos - sensation mixed

Ice plant- sparkles mixed

Orlaya - snowballs

Dracocephalum - blue bird


I am impressed by that lot. I have tended not to be very sucessful with growing from seeds. I probably need to look after them better.

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Hi gardenmaiden, that's an impressive list. I'd certainly be interested in the Astrantia  Hadspens Blood, and some foxgloves please. I will contact u via PM.



Hello, Gardenmaiden. I would really appreciate some Rudbeckia Brilliant Star and Moreno, Dahlia, Phlox dwarf beauty, poppy Blackcurrant Fizz and some sweet peas please.

I have ordered the following and I'm happy to share:

- Zinia 'Giant Cactus'

- Cosmos bipinnatus 'Velouette'

- Californian Poppy 'Ballerina Mix'

- Poppy 'Danish Flag'

- Phlox 'Sugar stars'

- Laurentia 'Stargazer Mix'

- Ipomoea pennata 'Cypress Vine'

- Lupin 'Sunrise'


Hi Pitter patter, I have a packet of Laurentia if you would like it as well. PM me your details.


Thank you, GardenMaiden. That would be great! I'm trying to grow them this year. Let's see if I can get my head around this PM thing...


Hi GardenMaiden

id love some Orlaya Snowball if at almost possible please. Shall I PM you?

I have the following on offer if anyone wants them:

Stipa tenuissima 'pony tails'


Pepper Cayenne

Cucumber (sorry I don't know the type as I've torn the seed packet!)


Hi Garden maiden

I'd like some TITHONIA and WATSONIA if you have any left,please 


Hi Patrakliev, please pm me your details.



I've sent you a PM Garden Maiden.

Finally sorted out my seeds and my planting list for this year - lots up for grabs! 


Achillea Millefolium - white

Agastache Foeniculum - Apricot Sprite

Allium Ursinum

Canterbury Bells

Cosmos - Sensation mix Sweet Sixteen

Cosmos - Sweet Sixteen

Hesperis Matronalis

Hollyhock - Rosea 'Halo white'

Primula Veris 'Cowslip Primrose'.

Nepeta Cataria - catnip

Nigella - Miss Jekyll

Nigella - Oxford Blue

Salvia- Blaze of fire

Sweet Pea - Culpani

Sunflower - Giant Yellow

Sunflower - Giant Yellow

Sunflower - Giant Yellow

Sunflower - Vanilla Ice

Zinnia-  Envy

Welsh Onion - Bee magnet!

Veggie packets:

Beetroot - Carillon and Golden

Chard - Rainbow and Vulkan

Choy Sum

Climbing French bean yellow

Courgette - Coucourzelle

Lettuce Lollo Rossa


Pac Choy

Rainbow carrots - Snow white, red samaurai, royal chantenay, purple haze and Yellow Stone


Squash - winter Uchiki Kuri

Squash - Summer Sunburst F1

Tomato - RedCherry

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oh and Hyssop :D

Hi ecokid, could I have some zinnia envy and some white achillea please? 


Hi Ecokid, please could l have a few Vanilla Ice sunflower, agastache Apricot Sprite, cosmos Sweet Sixteen, a couple courgette seeds and a few chard seeds please.

lilysilly says:

Hi Ecokid, please could l have a few Vanilla Ice sunflower, agastache Apricot Sprite, cosmos Sweet Sixteen, a couple courgette seeds and a few chard seeds please.

See original post

 Sure. Send me a PM with details and will post them this week. 


I also have lots of blue Borage available. If anyone else would like some of any of the above, please send a PM with details. I'm hoping to post seeds this week.

Thank you  so much GARDEN MAIDEN!!

Seeds  arrived just now in the  post.

Made my day!😊🤗