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I have been sowing lots of seeds this morning and every year I manage to chop off the top of the seed packet and destroy some of the vital information.  I then spend some time stapling and sellotaping back the destroyed information.

Does anyone have a technique for opening packets efficiently or should they re-design packets in a more user friendly way?


My thoughts on this subject:

If they redesign the packets the price will go up.

I shall buy shares in Sellotape.

Steve 309

I've discovered that if you slice them neatly across with scissors about an inch down from the top you generally miss the glue and the foil insert (if any).  A nice straight cut can generally miss the printing; and don't go all the way across.


Read the instructions before you open them?

That's what I do. I'm  incapable of opening any packet or box without completely destroying it


I do that Nut but like to keep the packet for reference or if I stagger sewing/planting.  If they just had a blank bit at the top of about half an inch then start the narrative it would be helpful as the actual foil pack is teeny weeny and only uses a quarter of the pack anyway.  Maybe I ought to contact a few seed producers with a design!



Go for it Forester

There's a need



I ordered petunia seed from T&M for the last few yrs - the seed arrived loose in the big packet - no inner foil packet. Supposedly there were 25 seeds in the packet.
I always wonder how on earth they measure out these minute seeds??
I ordered from Mr Fothergill this yr and the seed arrived in a small vial - same petunias, double the amount of seed and cheaper.

When I were a lad, it was easy to peel open the top of the packet, but I guess these days it's all hermetically sealed - what they call progress I suppose...
These days I wiggle a small paring knife into the overfold gap at the top and slice the top open.


I turn the packet upside down and shake/tap it well, then cut the bottom of the packet about 2mm down with a pair of scissors. After removing seed fold over couple of times and stick down with a piece of sellotape.

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