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I have a pack of Mr F strawberry seeds. I was going to have a go at growing them but have now been given loads of strawberry plants. If anyone would like them they are variety 'Delician'. They need to be sown soon

I had them for nowt.



Parcels on their way for Sam and for hollie hock.


Thank Bev for the seeds really wanting to start sowing them but too early for that will go nice in the white border.

Stiil enjoying the seed swap great what comes in the post

Oakley Witch

Thankyou Nutcutlet 

I had a collection of seeds came yesterday. I had been nosing through Touchwood Plants. The national collection of Aquilegias, OOOhhhhhh, 3 hours I was looking, many cups of tea later (to keep my strength up you understand 

 and I had 6 packs of seeds and post included for £10! I have just put in another order. Im finding this seed milarky a real addiction hehe.

Have a look. Hundreds and they are stunning. I have a georgous green and chocolate coloured pack and cant wait to see it flower. Well worth a look 

 Had to share


Sam, I was just talking about that one on the flower count thread.

It's quietly beautiful and creates some interested crosses with the other species.


Oakley Witch

Yeah, it is a beauty. I fell in love with it when I saw it. In your mail you said you couldn't keep it. Is it difficult to grow?


Easy to germinate, easy to flower, easy to lose after that. Maybe not too hardy but makes some lovely crosses, here with a purple vulgaris


Oakley Witch

That is stunning. So its one that I need to keep some in the greenhouse then to keep it true? The colours above are lovely. Very pretty. I cant wait for mine to start mixing up (Once I have my separate ones safe)

hollie hock

Lovely Aqueligias they are such pretty plants. I have a few established hardy ones and grew some from seed last year and planted out Hopefully will have a few different ones in the Spring.

Really enjoying this thread, thanks everyone

Oakley Witch

Do they flower in the first year? I planted some years ago but they didn't flower til the second year. I wasn't sure if that was because they were in poor soil and I wasn't to hot on the watering back then either 


When I've sown seed as soon as ripe they germinate in a very short time, over winter as small plants and often flower late the following year. I don't expect the ones I've just sown to flower til next year. But i may be surprised.

Oakley Witch

Oh right. So it may have been my bad mothering then hehe. I hope so. I really would like some colour from them this year. Im a very impatient gardener hehe

I sowed some and they do only flower in the second year - I think unless they are small plants by winter they have to grow big enough to produce flowers. You get a surprise when they do flower

Oakley Witch

Hmmm, so maybe Im not that bad then lol  Thats reassuring Gardengirl. I go down to the greenhouse every day telling my seeds to get a wriggly on and grow. My other half just shakes his head at me 

Im getting better though. I used to poke them to see if they were doing anything lol. I learnt the hard way 

Hello Bjay the seeds arrived today, seed swap is good 

Hello all

What a nice lot of Aquilegias you all have posted pictures of.

some say talk to your plants it helps them grow



I'm sure it does. Pity swearing at the weeds doesn't work so well

That would be good if the weeds went away, probably just makes them grow


Hi all

Still have some commercial seeds:

Strawberry 'DeicianF1'

Sweet Pea 'Spencer special mix'

Pansy 'Clear Crystals Mix' x2

Own seeds:

Cosmos White -a few

Hollyhock deep red (I hope)

Looking for Alyssum, Annual lobelia (not trailing), Cobeaea?,, Red flowers - esp perrennials


Hi All

OOOOH garden porn again!!! Every time I come here I spend money lols,, what lovely aquiligias, this year I am growing plants to swap seeds  and tomorrow I'm going to have a go at swearing at my weeds lols

May be if you get a bit stressed have a go at swearing at the weeds might help a bit, but the weed may still stay but could go, have a go and tell us if it works.

That sounds good I will grow plants for swap seed as well. spend lots of money this way.