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Oakley Witch

Possibly Geoff. It seems to work at the moment for my Larkspur and Verbena.

Hello Sam I have sorted out the courgette, onion and some beetroot seeds for you and will post them tomorrow. 

Hello Lyn is it possible to have the Heliotrope seeds please. Is there anything other than a fig cutting you want? -  not sure I can get one of those.


Sorry garden girl, the Heliotrope have now gone.

Sam and Geoff, seeds are posted today.
Lyn x


I've posted your seeds as well Sam should be with you soon.

Have to keep going with all this seed swapping great way of getting seeds you have not tried before or help with how to grow them from someone else that has before.

Enjoying swapping so far, will swap more if anyone wants to.

Received my seeds today. Thanks Gardengirl.

The potty gardener

Hollie Hock- my Seet Williams arrived today. It was great getting them potted up.

Gardengirl the Hebe still look ok- really hope they root ok.

Does anyone else want any of the seeds I listed- it really seems such a waste as I won't use them.

hollie hock

Bev, glad they got to you ok, thanks for your seeds, not grown either before, so looking forward to how it works out.

Gardengirl, hopeful that my Hebe cuttings have rooted as well


The potty gardener

I still have -free with mags and comercially packed.

French Marigold;;GardeningGiant singleSunflower;Sunflower-Brown Eyed Girl;Sunflower-The Bee's Knees; Nicotiana-Fragrant cloud; Nicotinia- Alata; Brachycome Daisy; Sanvitalia-orange sprite; Candtuft-dwarf fairyland mixed; Amaranthus-fat spike;; Lychnis-chalcedonica;Schizanthus-angel wings mixed;Morning Glory-star of yelta; Ammi-graceland;MinaLobata- Spanish flag; Calendula-pacific beauty mixed; Clarkia-salmon rose;Clarkia-elegans double delight;Aster-spider chrysanthemum mixed;Veronica-royal blue shades; Shasta Daisy- silver princess;Delphinium-pacific giants mixed.


Discodave have sent you a message re the Foxgloves.


What are you looking for Bev?

That looks like about all of the free seeds from amateur garden mag last year bev! I would like the veronica if you still have them please.
I will send a pm tomorrow, my android won't let me access messages.

Thanks Zoomer44, I have got the seeds today.

Bev and Hollie hock - hope the Hebe cuttings will root - if not let me know and I will send some more for you.

Bev I would like the Brachycome Daisy and the Lychnis-chalcedonica please if you don't mind and you still have them thanks

Bev could I have the sunflowers Brown Eyed Girl and The Bee's Knees please..

Is there anything you want - I've spare annuals, biennials and same perennials along with some veg seeds. If you say which you have a preference for I'll list them.  


Sue H
Zoomer - I grew those sunflowers last year and were very nice. Even in that summer!

I grew Irish Eyes, Ruby Sunset and Teddy Bear last year, saved some seeds,but the seeds were mixed together so don't know what will grow this year.

Sunflowers are nice as cut flowers and brought into the house.

i av a load of flower seeds wat  would u like

Sue H
I would like some kind of outdoor tomatoes if anyone has any?

yes wat sort would you like