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No can't say I have tried that honesty not seen it before

Just looked it up on google images what a pretty looking plant looks really different to normal honesty with the variegated leave, they had it in purple as well on one picture.

Will have to try it

hollie hock

I would be interested in a seed swop, I have enough seeds to fill a couple of polytunnels

I have Poppy seeds,Aquilegia, some white Ragged Robin, white Sweet Rocket and Wall flowers. These have been collected from plants that I have grown from seed.

I also have a large collection of various annuals/perennial seeds,

I'm interested in lungwort, honesty and verberna bonariesnis seeds


I'll collect seeds next season, including the white variegated honesty. 

I do have some Arisaema speciosum if anyone wants to try that. One seed head ripened, I've sown some and will keep a few to sow in spring if the first method doesn't work. Several dozen  of them on a seed head, it's ripened all over now.


Hello Jackie frost

I will seed swap with you the honesty seeds for the white Ragged Robin seeds if you want to. Thanks


Hello nutcutlet

I will wait for your seeds of white variegated honesty, if you want to swap with any of my seeds for them. Thanks


Jackie Frost:...I would be happy to send you a bare root of this

I have that verbena growing as cuttings, once you have a plant you can take loads of bits off and have dozens next year.



Thanks Gardengirl, I'd love a few nasturtiums please. I'll PM you my address. 

Thanks nutcutlet

I will sort those out for you and get them posted soon

Does white variegated honesty flower at same time other honesty?


Yes it does. It's exactly the same except for the colour.

hollie hock

Hi Gardengirl, dug the ragged robin seeds out. I bought the original plant from a market and took the seed pods off once they were dry. I have already sowed some of this seeds this year and have had good results from them.

This my first year of collecting/storing seeds so the seeds I have are in a brown envelope, with dried pods and all. The seeds themselves are tiny  a lot like poppies.

Are you ok to have them like this?

Hi Lyn, thanks for your kind offer. That would be great as I'm developing a woodland part of the garden which I think they would do well in. Are you thinking about any seeds for next year? If your happy to send them I will PM you my address and am happy to pay for the postage

Hello Jackie frost

I am fine with the seeds coming that way. I will be able to get them out myself and sow them when ready.

Many thanks I will message you my address

Hello asilvert

I have sent your honesty seeds today 2nd class stamp will get to you soon.

Hello nutcutlet

I have sent your nasturtiums seeds today 2nd class stamp and should get to you soon.

Hello Jackie frost

I have sent your honesty seeds 2nd class stamp and you wiil have them soon.

Thanks all so far for seed swapping.

Will swap with more people if anybody wants to swap with me.


Hi Gardengirl

I posted your seeds today as well hopefully you'll get them soon (2nd class also).

Thanks for seed swaping

Lyn - really interested in the bare roots by post, how do you do it? I've had bare root hedge plants delivered from the nurseries and they're just wrapped in a plastic bag, does this work for other plants too?

Oakley Witch

Wow guys...I have been away from my laptop due to illness but am really happy that so many of you are up for a seed swap

I have loads of fox gloves (mixed & white), delphiniums (Blue, white and purple collection) Wild Viola mix of dark and light, Forget-Me-Not, Native Cowslips, Campanula, Blue and white (Think they are called Canterbury Bells???) and a few mixed Dianthus.

Im looking for plants that are really good for bees and butterflies or cottage style, 


Hi Sam

Hope your feeling better, sorry we started without you but great idea.

I lots of seeds from a wildflower garden I sowed last year, I originally bought the seeds for bees and butterflies and for birds and insects.  I have some research to do to see exactly what the flowers are but happy to send some.

It was an easy job and a beautiful result with very little effort and I now have a bee's nest (not sure what type of bees but they go into a small holes at the side of the greenhouse).

I am just trying to get hold of a book recommended by Nutcutlet to identify the flowers but I took lots of photo's so I will see if I can post some later

And thanks Gardengirl thats great .




Nutcutlet thats a lovely looking seed head, and I've had a lovely morning in the greenhouse thanks to this thread sorting out what seeds I have. i now have the dining room table covered with little brown envelopes and lovely seeds.

I also have some Black Eyed Susan, Love in the Mist and Toadflax  and what I think are native orchids. 

Hello Sam Glendinning

I am up for a seed swap with you

I have nasturtiums seeds (climbing) orange, red and possible yellow mixed and honesty seeds all collected from my garden. The nasturtiums are really good for bees.

I would swap for your delphiniums seeds (Blue, white and purple collection)

Let me know if you want to swap

Thanks gardengirl..

Oakley Witch

Hey Gardengirl

That sounds fab They are really tasty in salads too. Brilliant. I will PM you my address and give me yours and I can get them in the post. I'm really pleased that this seems to have triggered the reaction for cheap ways of producing plants

Oakley Witch

Hi Asilvert,

Glad you have had a good day in the green house. I love spending time in mine. I am really interested in the love in the mist you have to offer. Is there anything you are looking for???

Hi sam

I have got your seeds already to send tomorrow 2nd class post so you should get the seeds in a few days.

Thanks so far so good with sending seeds. Good way of getting seeds that you do not have or have not tried before for not too much money.

Enjoying seed swap so far