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Oakley Witch
Brilliant Dave. Thanks lol. So, anyone else got any new seeds they are planting? Not just to swap, for personal use I mean.
Jean Genie

I'm planting a new border this year for our friends the bees. I plan to use mainly single flowering plants and am trying out Sweet Sultan (Amberboa moschata) - a hardy annual. Never heard of these before and would be interested if anyone has grown them . Did a little research and until a couple of years ago, they were difficult to acquire although they have been around since the 16th century. Quite taken with the little fluffy pom-pom flowers so am going to give them a try.

Mine are from Johnsons but T&M and some another seed companies now have them in stock.

Has anyone else grown them ?

Sam I have sown some Teasel seeds which I collected from a plant, seeds indoors on window sill.

I am trying a wild flower area for bees and butterflies so brought some wildflower seeds.  Not sown much other than those seed bit cold and compost solid.

Jean not sown those seeds before.

Gosh, Sweet Sultan, that drags up memories from my past. My Dad always used to sow them, along with Clarkia and Sweet Williams.

I am guessing you treat the seeds the same as any other annual, it is just that they have gone out of fashion that you do not see them around much.



Thanks again to Lyn for sending me the 

Lychnis coronaria - dusty miller (rose campion) seeds

I was told so sow in March/April time but read somewhere that they can be started in Jan-March. So I did a test sowing (2 pots same conditions) one of the pots germinated in 3 days, the other still has no signs of life 3 weeks later. Heres a pic I took today. As you can see they are still very small (I dont have a giant finger) and not at all leggy & only just grown their second leaf (or first true leaf). 



 I think I am going to have to sow a new batch in about 2 weeks. 

Well done Dave.

I'm holding off sowing my seed swap seeds a few more weeks, can't wait to start sowing the dahlias though. I have trouble getting tubers to start growing again, I've about six saved tubers and two which were bought a few weeks ago. Have far more success with seeds.   


Well they havent grown as much as I'd liked, they are small, but then they look healthy (at least they aren't leggy). I have a couple of Dahlia tubers to pot up (as well as growing some from seed too) never grown from tuber before what have you guys found is the best way?



Tubers need warmth and moisture to get going-if they are small ones start them in in a pot ot you can lay them out in trays-not too wet or they will rot-within a few weeks they shoud start shooting-you can take cuttings or just grow them on to plant out later.


so, on a windowsill or wait a few weeks? I only have a plastic covered greenhouse & a coldframe outside.. 


Bit cold outside-even under cover-until the sun shines-windowsill might be best-they wont need light till they start shooting though- so not vital.

I prefer to grow dahlias from seed can't store the tubers at all well and nice to see them grown from a small seed and get results.

I have not sown much of my seed swap seeds yet was waiting for bit better weather

Are the cuttings of hebes - I sent out to others doing OK still?


Any one want these?

 I would like a few coriander seeds if anyone has any spare.

Thank you for your message Dave, those 4 look good, no need to rush, they will do well when it gets warmer and days get longer.  I think they grew to about 14 - 16 inches, they are from my daughters plants, they have lovely silver leaves and stalks and the brightest of pink flowers, I haven't set mine yet, will will do next week.

Its still so cold here, and the winds blow all the time making it even colder.


Hi Last year a fellow allotmenteer sent away for Sugar beet seeds I have quite a lot left over ,  would anyone like to grow there own crystal sugar ,I would have no problem posting them any where ,



Oakley Witch
Lyn...I have some corriander for some holloyhock?

Also folks... Does anyone have any spare moonwort seeds? Also known as honesty? Im happy to swap with some of my seeds if I have what you are looking for.
Oakley Witch
Gardengirl...i have a few seaholly if you would like some? I tell yi, next years seeds swap will be amazing with what everyone is growing this year. My little witchy gardens coming on a treat almost all the hard landscaping is done now.

Hollyhocks posted Sam, I would love the coriander seeds, thank you.

joyce mannell

I found 46 packets of flower and veg and herb  seeds most are old but i am going to see if they grow this year i have all the seed trays ready for sowing in  march 

If anyone wants any of those listed below i dont want  please send sae

beetroot/coriander/basil/carrots/tomatoes/parsley/lettuce lollo rossa/spring onion/ chives/ runner bean/ salad leaves /grasses

If you need any flower seeds i can give you a few if you send some little packets and what ones you would like sorry cant list them all




Oakley Witch
Ok lyn. Thankyou. Will get them away for you. dont have any black grasses do you? Thanks.