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Sam sea holly sounds good I would like some of that Thank you

Joyce what is the grasses you have? I like grasses

Hi everyone. I have 4 packs of T&Ms chilli pepper Pinnochio's Nose and 1 pack of cabbage Pixie to swap. I would particular;ly like some Swiss Chard seed.


Oakley Witch
Will do lucy. Will get them off to you
discodave wrote (see)

Thanks again to Lyn for sending me the 

Lychnis coronaria - dusty miller (rose campion) seeds

I was told so sow in March/April time but read somewhere that they can be started in Jan-March. So I did a test sowing (2 pots same conditions) one of the pots germinated in 3 days, the other still has no signs of life 3 weeks later. Heres a pic I took today. As you can see they are still very small (I dont have a giant finger) and not at all leggy & only just grown their second leaf (or first true leaf). 



 I think I am going to have to sow a new batch in about 2 weeks. 

Looks like I may have spoke to soon, I checked these this morning and I now have 8 shoots sprouting. Nature is a strange beast that 4 new ones would sprout several weeks after they were sown and several weeks after the others in the same pot and conditions. I'm thrilled..

Oakley Witch
I am happy to report Holly Hock. The Verbena has sprouted
Oh by eck...Im very pleased. Now just aquilegias and astrantis to egg on.


joyce mannell


i thought i replied and said what the grasses were  quakeing grass and pony tails

i also replied to sam who never answered 

i also added a list of seeds i have and nobody replied were has this page of swaps gone ??

as i added a list i wanted


JOYCE M  as theres another joyce on this site 


Joyce-hope you don't mind-this is what you posted a couple of days ago

joyce mannell wrote (see)

I found 46 packets of flower and veg and herb  seeds most are old but i am going to see if they grow this year i have all the seed trays ready for sowing in  march 

If anyone wants any of those listed below i dont want  please send sae

beetroot/coriander/basil/carrots/tomatoes/parsley/lettuce lollo rossa/spring onion/ chives/ runner bean/ salad leaves /grasses

If you need any flower seeds i can give you a few if you send some little packets and what ones you would like sorry cant list them all




joyce mannell


Thanks for bumping up my add as there are so many pages to look through 

nobody seems to want any seeds  though 


I would like some for hanging baskets but i sopsoe ill have to buy mine 



Joyce M I would like the quakeing grass please

What sort of seeds or cuttings would you like?

Joyce m, I would like some parsley, would you like a fuchsia for your basket. It will flower this year. If you have any preferences, let me know as I have about 40 different ones

I will send you a private message tomorrow when I am on main computer.
Ps, I haven't forgotten Bev, I am potting on this week.
hollie hock

Good news re the verbena seeds Sam. No joy here with them.

The hebe cuttings are still doing well Gardengirl



Oakley Witch
Hi joyce. Im not being rude as im sure holly will tell you...i cant answer emails or messages on my phone so need to get to a can take me a couple of days. I have had people staying since mid last week but will get it tonight if i can get to s laptop. Sorry
Bunny ...
I listed several things on the last page of the forum no 13

and was told to make another list for see swap why...

I have coriander/ basil /carrott/ tomatoes /lettuce /chives /salad leaves beetroot if anyone wants them

Joyce M

*** just keeps posts together so an seed swappers who want /have posted keep seeing others*** I see you have been on here before...
Bunny ...
Joyce others have already replied for you ...


i have a long list of out of date veg seeds that i no longer want , im going for more flowers this year hence the swaps

brussel sprouts, chinese cabbage , courgette , carrots, rainbow carrots, parsnips ,swede, leek and squash, 

if anyone would like to swap please feel free to message me 


I am now totally confused with this thread, Joyce mannell and bunny...... one of the same? Who am I sending fuchsias too?
Bunny ...
Lol .... to JOYCE I am just posting (or trying to )post on seed swap thread for her...

I haven't sown a seed ...sadly
joyce mannell


I see i am not the only one trying to find my requeasts  hanging basket seeds and offers of veg flowers and salad stuff

 also my thread what i bought when i went to homebase yesterday


 its still confusing 


Joyce M

Bunny ...
To find your own posts click on 'settings' and then click 'my posts' you will see posts made by you ..
hollie hock

Hi Joyce M (mannell).

Can I suggest that you list the seeds that you have to swop and those that you are after here?

I've found that this great place to swop seeds and other plants/cuttings that you may be after. It is a busy place, but I'm sure others will respond once they know what you you want to swop.