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Joyce has listed them-they are back a few messages-I think is is getting upset that no-one is responding amongst the seasoned swappers and she is being ignored-which I am sure is not intentional


hollie hock

Just had a recap on this busy thread. Nobody is ignoring anyone


joyce mannell

sotongeoff  i am not getting upset

holly hock i never said i was  being ignored 

I am not used to this brilliant site yet as i never see what page my threads are on so i dont know if anyone has seen my  seed offer for beetroot/ french beans/ lettuce lollo rozzo/salad leaves/ carrotts / coriander / basil / tomatoes/ chives/

I  have swapped a few flower seeds so far

joyce m

Bunny ...
Do you not get email notifications ?

Did you look on settings page as I suggested ,then your posts ?

Just of to post your plants Joyce M. and Bevs.



Joyce sorry- I just thought you were getting in a muddle-I did post this link for you the other day-so you can keep check of your postings-why not bookmark it for future reference??

You should also get e-mail notifications if someone replies on a discussion you have posted

hollie hock

Hi Joyce, I think some internet misunderstandings

It's a busy thread,but a really good one.





The potty gardener


My plant arrived this morning. Thank you so much.

Bev x

You are welcome bev.
I still have the Malva mystic Merlin seeds, wouldn't mind swapping for something low to the ground in white.

Hi Lyn,  I have some white campion seeds or could take cuttings of hebe charming white they are both not too big if you want any of them?

Thank you joycemannell for the swap they arrived today xx

Garden girl, I would love a hebe cutting, what would you like as a swap?

Hi Lyn will sort out some cuttings for you of the Hebe, I would like the Malva mystic Merlin seeds if you still have them please, I will message you my address

Hi Sam and Joyce M - your seeds arrived today look forward to sowing them

Enjoying the seed swap, if anyone wants to swap more seeds or cuttings it would be good would like to keep swapping



joyce mannell


Depends what you got 


Also nobody seems to want my salad /herb /and veg seeds


joyce m



I have got different Hebe's - pink  Lisa and white flowered charming white one, rosemary herb - that would be cuttings and seeds, lots of honesty seeds purple some sunflowers, white campion few pink holly hock, poppy seeds and aquilegia mix and a few purple daisy flower seeds, foxglove seeds pink, teasel seeds

Lots more different ones

Post below from before with photos

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Photos off Google images of the Hebes I am offering so you can see what the plants look like.

 Hebe charming white

Hebe Lisa pink, both evergreen and the bees like them

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

I have a White Campion plant, a perennial, which produces pure white flowers growing to approximately 30-100cm- 2-5 years to year to get to its ultimate height.

Flowers May-October.

Full sun/ part shade - well drained soil, It is a wildflower

Google image, don't have any photos of mine yet only got it last year.

I have a few seeds if you like this one?

Do you have any plants that you could take cuttings from?

Or seeds to swap?

Joyce. I already have lots of different veg seeds, more than enough for this year. If anyone does want any veg seeds though I'm happy to swap some of my extra seeds.   

The potty gardener

I'm listing the seeds I still have and have added some more now that the mags are giving free seeds again. In exchange I would like short flowers that can be grown in pots or hanging baskets please.

1.French Marigold;    2.Sunflower Giant single;      3. Nicotiana-Fragrant cloud;    4.Nicotinia- Alata 'Lime green';      5.Candtuft-dwarf fairyland mixed;         6. Amaranthus-fat spike;          7.Schizanthus-angel wings mixed;           8. Morning Glory-star of yelta;             9. Ammi-graceland ;           10.MinaLobata- Spanish flag;        11.Calendula-pacific beauty mixed;              12.Clarkia-salmon rose;        13.Clarkia-elegans double delight;               14. Aster-spider chrysanthemum mixed;        15.Delphinium-pacific giants mixed.

And the 'new' ones

16.Shasta daisy- silver princess;      17Snake Gourd;             18.Cleome-Violet Queen;       19.Hollyhock- Halo mixed;          20.Malva-Mystic Merlin;      21.Cosmos- Purity;       22. Hollyhock- Giant Single Mixed;           23.Cosmos-Polidor Mixed;     24.Verbascum-Phoeniceum mixed;             25. Verbina-Bonariensis ;

I do hope someone wants these as it seems such a waste otherwise  


joyce mannell

Hi Bev

I would like Delphinium and Schizanthus please but i dont have any small 

plant seeds  to swap 

only  coriander chives french beans basil tomatoe carrott  beetroot  

poppys sunflowers 



joyce m