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I got mine on saturday gardengirl. There are loads in there, enough for 3 metrs i would reckon.

Got my free seeds today look really good, so will be a nice patch of wild flower in the garden attracting all the bees and butterflies and looking pretty as well


Here's a photo I took of the free seeds

That was a good that I got them and you did Lyn worth registering for them

has any one else got there seeds?


hollie hock

Hi, did register but they had already gone, looked like a good freebie

Gardening Grandma

I think the response was much greater than they expected. It does show the interest in this kind of gardening that exists. 

I was going to get the 3 dwarf buddleia offer from T and M - just pay £5.60 postage for 5cm plants - rooted cuttings, then. Someone suggested that  ask here if anyone is prepared to send me cuttings if I provide a plastic bag and SAE. I realise that it would have to be later in the year. So I'm just asking before I order the plants. I don't have much to offer in return at the moment, though, sorry. If I think of something, I will post it here.

The potty gardener

Sam- have Nicotina and Amaranthus for you , already sent.Verbascum and Agastache to someone I'm afraid. Can you please pm me your address so I can send them.


Oakley Witch
Oooo lovely. Will do it tomorrow when i can get on the laptop. Thankyou. Are you looking for anything?
Oakley Witch
I have collected some teassle seeds if anyone needs any???
The potty gardener

Sam do you still want the seeds- pm me your address so I can send them


Ah. The original seedswap is in action again, I couldn't make it work yesterday

Dove and Sam, I've posted your seeds


Oakley Witch

Sorted a few more out ready for a swap...

Delphinuium Pacific Giants mix

Black Ball cornflower

Mixed Cornflower


Verbena Bonariensis


Forget Me Not

hollie hock

I'd be intereseted in the Verbena Bonariensis seeds Sam. Black Ball cornflowers sound interesting.

Had a quick rifle and I have some sweet pea seeds, Butterfly Kisses plus a few stragglers of different types/colours left over from last year.

Giant Larkspur "imperial mixed" Some Tanancetum. Verbena "sparkles mixed" and some Stock Virginian.

Oakley Witch

Done Holly. I was hoping you would see this little lot  Can I be cheeky and is there any giant larkspur left???

Oakley Witch

Oh, and some Verbena??? I have stuck in some Bells of Ireland for you too 

hollie hock

Will send them on to you Sam, thanks very much

Oakley Witch

Ohhh, Im getting all excited again  hehehe. Thanks hun.x


Does anyone have any seeds or bits of plant from Stipa gigantea please I have lots of seeds of allsorts to swap veg or flowers 

The potty gardener

Sam- seeds posted. At the moment the only thing I want is pansies and I don't think anyone has them at the mo


Gardengirl, I've got a stipa I shall have to move, If I can get a bit off I'll send it. Never found a seed yet or had seedlings. 

The potty gardener

As the weather is improving and more people thinking of sowing seeds

I still have

1.French Marigold;         2.Sunflower- Giant single;               9. Ammi-graceland ;      10.MinaLobata- Spanish flag;              11.Calendula-pacific beauty mixed;              13.Clarkia-elegans double delight;  14. Aster-spider chrysanthemum mixed;         21.Cosmos- Purity;      23.Cosmos-Polidor Mixed;          29. Tomato- Gardener's Delight      ;31. Sunflower-Moonshine;

New ones          

32. Portulaca- single mix;     33. Tomato- Red Cherry;       34. Lettuce-  Headed Mixed;     35. Chilli Pepper-Cayenne   

Don't worry if you don't have anything I want- The only seed I really want is Pansies- I would rather the seeds be used rather than going to waste 

hollie hock

Hi Bev,

I've got some pansies I've got some Special "early"mixed F1 or Swiss Giants Mixed.

I'd like the Ammi graceland, not heard of them before but they look interesting and I do like white in the garden