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Is everybody getting prepared for seed collecting in autumn. I am having a look at my plant collection and other people's. Will anyone be doing some sneaky collecting?

Anybody else interested in swapping seeds with me,my list is on the previous page?

Thanks for the seeds cotty1000 and gardengirl. It's the first time i have done this it's very exciting. cotty1000 i have been looking at your list you have some realy interesting seeds, if i send a stamped addresed envelope would it be possible to have a couple more of your seeds please? I don't think i have any that would interest you at the moment but i will collect some in autumn.

Thanks for seeds Aliesh I got them yesterday, I already sown them - do really like seed swapping.

Cotty1000 do you like any of the seeds on list I done to swap?


cotty1000 many thanks forthe seeds.. will be doing them today.

Thank you gardening fanatic and aliesh for those seeds. I got back from work and I was really excited to see them sitting there. Can't wait to get sowing.

Aliesh send me a list and I will gladly share.

Gardengirl what page is your list on?


Here is my list
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Hello all - here's a list of seeds I have to swap if anyone wants to swap - Aquilegia mix, purple honesty, common burdock, teasel, ponytail grass, hollyhock pink red


Could I have some honesty off you please.what would you like off my list?

Cotty1000 - I would like to swap for the monarda fistulosa if you still have them please

No probs. I will send you my address later on when I have two minutes to spare

Thankyou so much for the seeds cotty1000, all have been sown  today

Over the course of the weekend I will add photos of my plants which are currently in bloom.I am not sure what some of them are called but if it looks nice who cares.just let me know if you are interested and I will harvest them when they are ready





 Let me know if you would like me to save the seeds off some of these plants in one is a white allium,then knautia,wallflower,doronicum and I am not sure of the last one but it lasts all summer and is easy to grow.

joyce mannell

Cotty 1000

I would love to have the white allium and the last white one please after they have seeded please I will let you know what I have to swap  if any of mine grow as i was late in sowing them this year

I will take photos of some of the above plants again as I haven't done them justice.

Here is a list of some plants coming into flower soon.

Various helenium,white or blue centurea,various agapanthus,Fox and cubs,knautia Macedonia,various scabious,white valerian,various Echinacea,various achillea,golden rod,acanthus,various penstemons,sedum,ravenswing,annual and perennial lupin,monarda.

That is what I can see so far.let me know if you would like any


just seen the seed swap idea, would it help if we put out notes on what we are all looking for -?  

Maybe someone has already done this . I have have only looked over first couple of pages, though I see there are loads.!  Its a brilliant idea!

If anyone has any wildflower seeds and fancy a swap get in touch.

Has anybody got seeds for :  hares foot clover,red clover,burnet saxifrage,bird's eye primrose,sheep's bit,,small teasel,oxeye daisy

cotty, a tab bit off topic but how did you get the paint to stay on your fabulous shed. I painted a couple of sheds last year, used an undercoat first, then painted them sage.

The sheds had been treated the year before, with the same stuff I use for the fences and the paint is flaking off.   

It is a play house for my two children.I have created a little garden next to it for them as is cuprinol garden shades,4 year weather proof.I have just done it this year.I just use oil on my dad uses some stuff that's orange looking and peels off.avoid.

 This is that white plant again in a bit of a better photo.unsure of name.

 This is the play house with garden for the kids.