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Oakley Witch

Brilliant Gardengirl. Yours are ready here in their little wage slip bag lol. I'm glad everyone's enjoying it. I felt a little disheartened by the first couple of posts but just goes to show...Its a great way to get seeds like you say and the bit I like is that when you buy a pack and have some left can pass them on rather than them going to waste

Thanks again. Think this could be a yearly event now (I hope)


I've just found a cache I'd forgotten collecting. Bound to be some left over. I always collect too many and often sow too many as well. Too close and get leggy. I'll learn one day, I've only been doing it 40 years

Glad you're better Sam

My honest seeds started from a seed swap at Whitchurch potato festival last year in january- normally the last weekend of the month.

So from seeds swap to my garden to grow and then collect seeds. Then off to seed  swap which is a good way to keep growing plants for youself and to pass on to others.

Thanks to seed swap if not I might not of grown honesty seeds.


I like to have new plants, new to me that is, not latest fashion. I look through seed catalogues like Chiltern and Plant World, and order something I've never heard of. The internet has made that so much easier. I can check if it's tender or wouldn't like my soil.


Am happy to give away spare seeds if anyone wants them:

Laitris - purple but they take a few years to flower

Allium - Purple globemaster - again they take a few years to flower

Lupin - white and purple perennials - should flower late next year

Eryngium - tall silver thistle like with purple flowers

Echinacea - purple, these seed well and flower in one year

Blue Festuca grass - not tried to grow from seed but they should grow true.


Hello blairs

what sort of seeds do you want to swap for? 

Hi Sam

Just to let you know I have posted your seeds

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Hello blairs

what sort of seeds do you want to swap for? 

None - am happy just to share (they would just be wasted otherwise TBH)

blairs wrote (see)

Am happy to give away spare seeds if anyone wants them:

Laitris - purple but they take a few years to flower

I am interested in these flowers (the Laitris) I Googled them and they look good/ pretty.

So I will message you my address

Thanks but if you change you mind and want some seeds I could send you some honesty or pony tail grass.


Hi all hope your are doing ok

Flad to hear your better Sam.  Great I have loads of those if you want any others let me know and if you PM your address I will send them off for you.

gardengirl did you get your parcel yet and thank you so much, you put a lovely detail on the packet

Nutcutlet I googled those plants and they're really unusual and beautiful and you could use the seed pods in xmas decorations, could I have some please? (Oh and you were right about checking the frost pockets-have to rethink the strawberry tree's site I think).

Have a lovely day all



Hi asilvert, are you interested in the honesty or the arisaema?

PM me your address. The arisaemas are here, honesty will have to wait til the next seeding.

Hello asilvert

Good you got your seeds, I have not got mine yet may be tomorrow post, was looking out for them but post this end must be slow.

I don't get post till 1pm ish so will post message when arrive.

Thanks you - I try to put as much as I can on the packet even the cut out of a catalogue picture.


Mine have arrived as well Garden girl, many thanks


Hi Nutcutlet

Can I have some of the arisaemas please they are really unusual.  If you would like any of the seeds I have please let me know, I have PM's my addess and thank you.

Hi Gardengirl, the post here isn't that great either I hope you get them soon.  Its really frosty at the minute here so i haven't dug up any of the campanula but I have purple bells and white so when its nicer I'll send you some.  It will be great if it works and the plants survive as I have some lovely large hostas to split in the spring and allsorts of other bits and pieces and the garden centres here charge so much and they don't ever seem to be in very good shape.


Hi aslivert

I'll get them on the move.


Hello Jackie frost

Have you got your seeds yet

Hello nutcutlet

Thats good that you have your seeds, all plants sound good, garden centres some times do not water plants enough.

Has every one enjoyed the seed swap so far?


I think seed swapping is a great idea.

Oakley Witch
Hey everyone...seed swap is brilliant. Im loving it. I have just bought some white sage seeds and some lemon balm seeds. Looking forward to them comin. If there are extra...they will be put for swap too

Is anyone looking for veg seeds?

Blairs...I would love some eryngium and lupin seeds if there would be any left?

I'd be interested in veg seeds.

I've a few different varieties of bean seeds spare - purple podded and yellow plus yard long red noodle, best grown in a GH.blackeyed cowpea and Hyacinth beans. 

Chilli seeds - Apache and cayenne.

I'd like some sweet pepper seeds, a variety which can be grown in a GH bed and grows fairly tall.

Oakley Witch

Hey Zoomer...

I have some Sweet Banana peppers which are long yellow chilli shape

Corno Di Torro Rosso which are large long red peppers and some Purple Beauty whcih are very dark purple bell looking peppers.

Are they of any interest???