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I would really like some geum seeds if anybody has any spare.I think I've got a Mrs bradshaw plant.

Having watched gardeners world on Friday and seen that they can flower for 25 weeks who wouldn't want them!? The one that they showed was Rubin.Would anyone like a swap?


I dont have any seeds but my local nursery was selling them for 70p a plant so I got a mrs bradshaw and a Lady stratheden. Funny it was gardeners world that made me purchase them too.

Thanks, will try cuprinol garden shades. 

I have some ravenswing seeds coming up if anybody is is like cow parsley but a darker colour.

is there someone who likes to swap seeds with me
I live in Netherland. I would like te get some seeds from primula auricula and helleborus and more nice plants that are populair in the UK


This is my swap list:
Tagetes patula nana ???harmony boy???
Tagetes patula
Lavatera trimestris ???loveliness???
Phacelia tanacetifolia
Agrostemma githago
Millium effusum aureum
Callistephus chinensis
Zinnia elegans
Diathus barbatus
Hydychium densiflorum ???assam orange???
Pelargonium ageratum zonale
Gypsophila elegans covert garden
Calendula officinalis
Adonis Aestivalis
Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea cyanus
Matthiolia incana alba
Agerathus houstiniatum ???blue mink???
Nerium Oleander
Tropaeolum majus nanum
Petunia nana compacta
Lathyrus odoratus
Psysoslegia virginia
Vigna radiata
Cynoglossum amabile

Hi all been out collected seeds of aquilegia pale pink and mixed pom pom ones

 red campion

white campion

anyone want to swap with me, I am looking to swap for any sort of flower seeds to try


i am after anything that is good for bees. i have beebalm. mondarda and giant scabious.. wondered if any body had some other seeds for bees..

i have cosmos pinks and white with purple edge seeds if anyone interested.. i have not been well enough to go harvest any more as yet.. but hoping soon..

will have verbena rigida...giant scabious pinks and dark crimson and white, vipers bogloss..and heleborus mixed colours..


Think it's time to bump this thread up - it gets lost easily 


it does Dove, thank you. I shall be needing it soon

The potty gardener

Need to keep this up- it worked so well earlier in the year.

For any one new to forum look back at some of the fab swaps.

I will put my list on later on- I've got loads of the packets of seeds that come free with mags


Has anyone started a seed swap just for wild flowers please?  If not should

I start one?  I don't need any seeds for my home garden, just for the wildflower

garden which is a little way away from my house.  I have lots of corn marigold

and cornflower seeds ready to go at present.



My brain might be over-faced if there were 2 swapping threads

Gardeningfanatic I have tried to send you a message but the system doesn't seem to be working properly. Can I please have some more scabious off you,as I love this well as some vipers bugloss,astrantia and some monarda please.

Have you got anymore bearded irises left too?

I have got some verbena bonariensis,mixed cornflower,sea holly and echinops if you fancy?

Has anyone grown didiscus blue lace this year? I have just seen it on the gardeners world main page. It looks amazing.

I would love some seeds if anybody has got any.