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Hi cotty, seed swapping is happening on the thread 'seed share'  now.


not sure what is going on to be honest,does anyone know?


The seed share thread i started is still working ok.


I cant find the other seed swap. It appears to have disappeared.

 I am going to post on here.

 Seeds I have available.

 Paulownia fargesii.

Pink aquilegia

Onordum acanthium

Paeonia mlokosewitchsii

Rosoea cautleoides

Linaria purpurea ( pink and purple forms)

Aquilegia black barlow

Lychnis coronaria pink

papaver somniferum pink chiffon

Thalictrum flavum

Foxglove dalmation peach

cephalaria gigantea (tall yellow scabious)

Hesperis matronalis

Eryngium giganteum

Amaranthus hypochondriacus (princes feather)


 Garden Maiden I will be sending out all yours this week.

 If anybody else wants anything, please let me know.


Figetbones is there any seeds you would like to swap for?

  I would like a few of your seeds please 


gardengirl, if you tell me what you want i will sort them out for you. I'm OK for seeds at the moment.

Thanks so kind of you, seeds I like

cephalaria gigantea (tall yellow scabious),

Thalictrum flavum,

Hesperis matronalis,

Lychnis coronaria pink,

papaver somniferum pink chiffon

Thank you


Thats OK gardengirl. I have your address.


Has anyone any stipa tenuissima seed to spare?



I have plenty of Giant hysop.and mixed Poppies,if anyone would like some?


Gardengirl, Addict, Nutcutlet and  garden maiden, I have sent your seeds out today.


That was quick, they're here. Thank you fidgetbones

Thanks Fidgetbones got my seeds, excellent



If I've forgotten anyone can they let me know, Thanks.


Hi all, I've got some Heliopsis scabra seeds going spare if anyone's interested.  Tall (5ft ish, double yellow, flowers for months).  PM me your details 


Ooh yes please.i've got a gap that would just suit that.

 I collected some eccremocarpus  scaber seeds (red flowers) today. Although  not hardy, it makes 6ft in a season and you can lift the rootstock and overwinter frost free or grow fresh from seed each year. I've got it running through next doors dead conifer hedge.


Fidgetbones and Diddy, have sent your seeds out today 


I got your seeds today, MsBeehaven, Thank you.