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We don't want to loose it do we

Who sent me the 'Ravenswing' They've germinated, thank you

Cotty I'm hoping my one clump of cow parsley self-seeded last year, but so far

there is no sign of anything coming up, although it's already growing quite high

in the nearby lane where it's been established for years so I can't help you

I'm afraid - guess we'll both have to wait and see!






I should think your cowparsley will germinate in spring cotty. If it doesn't, send me a pm and I'll dig you some up. I'll never be short of cow parsley. Or hogweed

hello flowers for bees, I'll email you this evening


Hi Nutcutlet - Not sure if you received my PM and I haven't received your email, so

don't know what's going on!!  Happy New Year anyway! Will try to email you later

to see if that works!!   


Flowers for bees I sent you a PM. I'll have another go

I've cut and pasted it to an email so I hope you get one of them

Thanks Nutcutlet  - I got your PM and email and have PMd you back!

Good to hear from you!

Thank you for your replies. Happy new year to all.  Nut I think that was me. It's exciting  to see seedlings this time of year,I've got some hellebores coming up they might have been from you but I have had lots of seeds from lots of generous people last year so I can't keep track.

Has anybody got any seeds that I can sow now for cold germination,or any suggestions?


Thanks cotty

There's Sorbus hupehensis berries hanging on the tree cotty and Clerodendrom trichotomum. Will they do?

Are they trees?

I don't think I have enough room or the patience for seed grown trees. Thanks anyway


Clerodendrom is more of a shrub but not quick.  I don't think I've got anything else suitable for sowing now. If I find I have I'll let you know.


Bumped back up for Lisa69.

Thanks kef ????
Sorry that was meant to be a smiley,, stupid iPhone


Hello again Lisa nice to see you back here my snap dragons seeds - have done really well in 2013

I have so many seeds to sow this year from swapping so excited just have to wait a month or two to get going


I just had a look through the collection. Quite a lot need to be sown now. Seed compost needs to be bought.  Help. I'm getting left behind already. I usually do this in the first week of January.

Oh no Nut! You're in the top 2 experts on're letting the side down! 

Luckily I was bored on New Year's Day and ordered 800litres of compost, some seed and some potting and came on a pallet a week ago, However, it's all sitting in the middle of our driveway, we look like right idiots, as there's also an unused butler sink, which I'm popping alpines in, and a bareroot mahonia I took from work 


I keep losing my text tonite and I'm not such a good typist I can do it twice.

Am I an expert Ryan? you're very kind to say so, though maybe not accurate

There must be 20 packets of various seeds that should be out there, some I thought I'd sown in the autumn. Probably dementia setting in.

Did you get your compost delivered? I've never done that, always assumed delivery costs would be huge and my car was chosen for its compost and plant carrying abilities.