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I think this forum and most of us would be lost without you and verd! 

Haha youre never that old! My nans 82 and she works and drives,shes fine, what's your excuse 

Yeah i got a trade account with IBS and they gave me free delivery because my order was over a certain amount - can't remember how much, although they did come at 8:00am on my day off and woke me up! My mums only got a little 1.1 kia Picanto, can barely fit one bag of compost in there! Although, we have had trees sticking out windows and nearly got stuck on a roundabout when I filled it up with stuff for the tip! Whoops


Gardengirl, there's some aquilegias. Some corncockle and other natives that flowersforbees sent me and I was sure I'd sown those. 

Thinking about it, there were plenty and I may have sown half. Maybe that's why I thought Id sown a lot of these. Because I have.

2 species of eryngium. Half a packet called 'Mixed nicked' which came from a forum member who doesn't post now. Several packets of free wildflowers.

I'd better get on with it.


Around about now people will be starting to sow seeds and having a clear out of old seed packets or seeds of plants that they have lots of. So let's put them out there/here for people to pick and choose and swap.

By the way has anybody got any sanguisorbia? I revisited a GW show from last autumn and some of these look amazing.



The swap season will be coming round again soon. 


Are there some seeds your especially wanting to be bumping up this thread Anthony. I imagine most of us wont have surplus until harvest time.

I have surplus french bean seeds saved from last year if any one wants some, they may have cross polinated though as I didn't grow them 1 mile a part as recommended

Charlotto - cream and red pods

Cosse Violette - purple pods

Neckargold Organic - yellow pods

Neckarkonigin - green pods

Is anybody collecting seeds for autumn?



I'll try and get some Bupleurum falcatum this year cotty. They're flowering, earlier than last year, so I'm hopeful.


Ive started a wish list post as its a bit too early for swapping , but i need to know what to keep!

 I am looking forward to seed swapping for next year. I have really got into sweet peas,cutting them and bringing them indoors for everyone to enjoy.


Is this still swap still active?

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