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I too have a white border and have a White Campion plant, a perennial, which produces pure white flowers growing to approximately 30-100cm- 2-5 years to year to get to its ultimate height.

Flowers May-October.

Full sun/ part shade - well drained soil, It is a wildflower

Google image, don't have any photos of mine yet only got it last year.

I have a few seeds if you like this one?

Do you have anything to swap?

Sam. recieved the sweet pepper seeds today, thank you.

Yours should arrive tomorrow or the day after, posted mine the day after you posted. 


That is a wonderful white. I do have seeds but will have to wait till after Christmas to sort them. this year is my first one seed collecting!

I have I hope some seeds of Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' - perrennial

Some of a heritage hollyhock

And some off a dark red hollyhock, also nigella, maybe rudbeckia, maybe sunflower which name escaped s me for the moment. There some more but can't remember what off hand

if there on your pc click on the oak tree symbol, this should guide you thro finding and uploading them into your post


Oakley Witch

Well, I have gotten a little carried away this weekend lol. I had a wee parcel in the post full of seeds. White sage, Mugwort, Jacobs Ladder, Bergamont, Corriander, Verbena and many more. You would think I had an entire estate lol. I am however, looking for some Southernwood. It was my Nana's favorite plant and wasn't able to fetch mine when I moved. Anyone got any???

The potty gardener

Gardengirl I would really love a cutting of Hebe Lisa pink. I only had packets of seeds but can put together a list to see if you fancy any of them in exchange- I would obviously send the extra postage to send a cutting.



I have 40 odd rooted fuchsia plants and 27 different geraniums, I would be happy to post (in the spring) in exchange for a fig hardwood cutting, rooted or not.

hollie hock

Nutcutlet, I am amazed and pleased that there really is a plant that is refered to as  the "false sunflower", that is just it's nickname here. Had a quick google of Inulas and it does look very similar, I've never heard of them but you might be right.

Gardengirl and Sam re taking cuttings of the false sunflower, I'm sure it's possible and they would do well. The plant has very strong tuberous roots so I'm pretty confident that if you planted a tuber it would grow. I dug up a separate patch to the one that you've seen in the Summer and there is still some left and growing.

Don't know much about Hebes, the white looks very pretty. Are they large growing shrubs and do they attract pollinating insects?  I love white/pale flowers in the garden

The white campion looks stunning but are the seeds from this plant going to grow true to the original or will they revert to the red (pink) type?

Lyn- thanks so much for the pulmonaria it's outside in a pot and will divide and plant out in my woodland area in the Spring.


Jackie, I'd like a tuber please. I've got lots of plants here. What sort of thing would you be interested in for a swap? 

Bev Pounsett-Krynauw wrote (see)

Gardengirl I would really love a cutting of Hebe Lisa pink. I only had packets of seeds but can put together a list to see if you fancy any of them in exchange- I would obviously send the extra postage to send a cutting.

Hello Bev I can send you a cutting of Hebe Lisa it is fine to swap for seeds as long as you have flowers seeds, a list sounds good to pick from.

I can send you the cutting in a week or 2 weeks, if you want it then? I would post in a jiffy packet but would send 1st class at the post office - as then the cutting would get to you quicker. It would be a non rooted cutting if thats fine  -

you can root it on in a pot of any sort of compost/ dirt and then plant it out.

Let me know if this is ok

Hi Jackie frost

I would like some cuttings of the false sunflower please

The Hebe white takes a bit of time to grow large but mine in the garden is about 50cm high by 40cm wide but can grow to 1m by 1m. can be trimed back - bees like them. I can send you some cuttings

Not sure about the white campion seeds it's the first time collecting them - think they might be white hope so


hollie hock

Hi nututlet, What I will do if alright with you, is to dig a bit of the plant up, cut off a lot the foilage and send it to you with a good root system attached? It's a tough one so I'm sure it will be alright. The main reason why I have allowed it to stay is the amount of insects that I see on it Give me your details and I will post them  to you in the New Year




Thanks Jackie, I'll do that.


hollie hock

Gardengirl I would be interested in the white Hebe cuttings, I'll dig the "false sunflowers" up and send you them in the new year

hollie hock

Hi Gardengirl- got your honesty seeds todayThanks very much. Looking forward to  sowing them


Hello blairs

I got the seeds today thank you very much, look good.

Hello Jackie frost

Glad you got your seeds today, are you fine with the cuttings of white hebe to be non rooted and I will send in a week or 2 weeks or would you like them later

sam, a friend of mine grows southernwood...artemisia abrotanum....and, if you remind me say feb march time I will send you some cuttings, ok?  It used to be grown a lot down here, i used to until I replaced it with something else but it is a lovely tactile, fragrant shrub.

Oakley Witch
Verdun...that would be wonderful. You have made my day lol. Its really hard to get up here in the area. Mind you...dont know my way about properly. I will def remind you. I have ordered some stunning aquilega seeds so will post picks soon folks. A stunning purple and green one. More than enough to share i think.
Sam, that's good. Nice folk here.

Hello all

I must say all this seed swapping is pretty fab, great way of trying new plants that you might not of before.

Seed swapped before but never over the Internet till this thread

So thanks

Has anybody else swapped seeds before?