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Bunny ...
Lol you say....out in the garden

I'd use one of those for slug hunting.  

I now have two kinds of tomato babies so have sown six more of each in order to have some for swaps with a friend and to sell at a plant fair for charity in May.  OH very kindly emptied all the pots from the greenhouse and stashed them agains the house wall facing south where they've had a lovely time today after an overnight frosting.   We're supposed to get to 17C tomorrow afternoon!    Good for cleaning up and sowing more seeds in there as I've run out of warm, sunny window sill.

joyce mannell

I was planting 50 snowdrops in the tubs garden borders and hanging baskets today  and noticed my sweet williams were growing  from last year round my pond 

i bought a pk of aquilegia hybrid today also 2 rosea hollyhocks and a pk of begonia cascade sunray as i had vouchers to spend at homebase

Do anyone still want any pks of beetroot /french beans tomatoes /carrot /coriander /basil / lettuce /chives /salad leaves 

Joyce M

Bunny ...
Joyce if you go onto seed swap thread and mention on there you may get someone offering an exchange ... May be couple pages back ..

Wow obelisk 17degree , I'm due 8degree tomorrow after frost tonight ...brrrr

Greenhouse getting full now:




Bunny ...
Ok so who wants to come and sow my seeds .... Aaagggghhhhh where does the time go ....
hollie hock

Good picture cairnsie, what have you got growing?


Dianthis deltoids artic white and maiden pink, campanula carpatica, aubrita, cestrom tomentosum (snow in summer), dwarf hollyhock, dwarf delphinium, lobelia cardinalis, lobelia trailing, scabiosa house hybrid, sweetpeas, malva sylvestres, cranesbill geranium. I have pologonium cuttings in house, penstemon on the way and soon cornflowers (thanks to sam), daliha, pansies, petunia, buzzie lizzie, snap dragon, marigolds and nasturtum, my cold frame is empty nearly apart from sweetpeas so I have room. It will be a busy season for me looking forward to it. I have had some growing since september but lost alot due to greenhouse and cold frame blowing away at one point but other than that so far so good. 

Are you growing much hollyhock I see you have lots of plants on the go. I will be adding lots of seeds to the seedswap soon!


 Are you there Sam? the aquilegias are germinating

hollie hock

You've got a lot of things growing cairnsie, that will keep you busy.

I've been growing cleomes, angel wings, snapdragons, forget me nots, sweetpeas, ox eye daisies, verbena sparkles, ox eye daisies, echinecias and rudebekias. Might have forgotten some.

Overall I have good germintaion and have started to prick the seeds out. No joy with verbena boneralis and aubreittas but plenty of time to try again.




Hi all, pricking out time is looming here. Full time job. Nearly time to sow the next lot as well.

Few more seeds are up I have sown cosmos white, morning glory and some unknown from a garden visit to Eaton Hall - Chester way ish - great garden to look around but large

Wow I feel like people have sown a lot of seeds Me not much yet

Cairnsie same greenhouse I got, but mine not up yet so empty but I do have a 4 tier one but only 3 tiers as got broken that is up but lower shelf filled with pots/trays still needs to clear it

Nutcutlet I think seed sowing and pricking out and gardening is sometimes a full time job


My aubita germinated no bother must of been lucky, i am having problems with my campanula at the moment, they were flattened by the wind when my cold frame blew away but seemed to recover only to now start to go moldy and die. I have lost 3 of 12 so far any idears if i could spray them with somthing to save them. I have removed the damage folage. I only need 8 and i am down to 9 so getting worried.



It is a full time job gardengirl. I've retired from the other srt of work though 


hollie hock

I know what you mean, I've started pricking out but it does a lot of time.

I'm trying to stick to my motto of "don't sow any more until you dealt with the seedlings that you have now"

I haven't sowed the cosmos white yet, they did really well for me last year.

I have some "unknown" that are doing very well, got them from some garden last year but no idea what they will they grow into


I've 1 or 2 ready to prick out but haven't started yet. Better get on.

I've got some unknowns in the bulb pots - wait and see.

Hollie hock that is a great motto like that

Same here with unknown seeds nice to find out what they turn out to be mine was from a wildflower area

Cairnsie they might be getting a bit damp have you planted them out side yet?


Garden girl i got my ex display at b&Q make sure you weight it well down at the bottoms i have bags of compost and green bin on the bottom are full of water to weight it down the shelf is buckling with weight but otherwise it'll blow away.