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hollie hock

My early sowings seemed on the whole to  have  pulled  though  and some annuals sown outside in the frames have germinated.

Corn cockle seeds off the swop, have germinated and looking very strong



I used my electric propagator, Salvia turkestanica, some mixed agastaches and tomates arrived in 3 days. 


Lots of stuff sown in the cold greenhouse popping up now.  Cosmos the fastest of those - 4 days.  It's a good job as I have absolutely no space left at all now on windowsills or in the conservatory.  The only no-shows so far are celeriac and nicotiana suaveolens, but the latter came with double the number of seeds as the supplier had noticed low germination rates in testing.  Can't say either will be missed if they don't germinate.

hollie hock

The verbena seeds that I sowed mid January, are at last growing I had almost given up hope but thought I'd leave them be, just in case





The white Cyclamen coum that I sowed in January have germinated.



It's very exciting. I've only had the pink ones til now. I just hope they are what it said on the packet. They were from a plant society seed list, not a seed company nor our forum seed swap.


I had one germinate in about 12 weeks from RHS seed. I left it in the tray, I'm hoping a few more will join it in the Spring. The seedlings from you are doing well, in their own pot.   I keep perennial seeds that don't germinate for two years before I chuck them. I tip them in a specific corner, Odd things come up there all the time.


I think 2 years is enough to wait. Some may wait longer I've never had germination after that. 

Good to hear my cyclamen are doing OK.



Congratulations on the new arrival



I remembered this thread from last year and we are back to that exciting time again when seeds may be coming up.

Here are my newly born babies on the shelf that my OH made for me in the sitting room. Plenty more to sow, that's a start.


hollie hock

Looking good Lizzie, looks a really good spot for them Only just started sowing on the weekend. It is great when they germinate and new life starts! My garden is a lot smaller so am trying to be restrained at the moment on the amount that I do........that probably wont last for long though!


Thank you hollie hock. Usually I buy a lot of plug plants, but this year I thought I'd sow more myself, it's just where do you put them? Most will be sown in the GH later this month, but I don't want to spend money on electricity too soon in the GH.

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