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06/02/2013 at 21:56

Yes do that just remember to water them - i always forget.

06/02/2013 at 22:02

Arrrggghhhhhhh, I have 2 lemonbalm, still fighting with my Verbena Bonariensis, larkspur and Aquilegias. Black corn flower is up and doing great. Toms are doing well and not leggy at all. Well pleased with them (I was panicking after the advice from Geoff lol) you have any advice on the Verbena??? It says that they are to go in the prop, then the fridge then the dark then back on the sill?  Seems so much work! My 'Alba' foxgloves are up, and Sweet Peas. Mugwort has gone a bit leggy so may resort to the compost heap and do a second sowing. My Monkshood is dragging its heels too. Any ideas folks???

06/02/2013 at 22:29

Cant help with the Aquilegias, every year I try but never get any and it doesnt help when people say they have no problem. This year I took the seeds out of the fridge after 3months ( I know they need a cold period) ive sown them and put them outside to hopefully germinate naturally, Touchwood Aquilegias says this time of year 8 wks. Larkspur no problem im over run with them the seeds from existing plants are left to self seed and no problem with Verbena B in here then out and in somewhere else what a performance! I let them self sow again and they are everywhere even in the cracks in paving again seeds sown by the plant. Maybe nature does know best and it seems as most of what your trying to germinate all germinate naturally in September with no help from me. Hope this helps.

06/02/2013 at 22:38

Hmmm. I contacted Carrie and she did say that the Aquilegias can take upto 3 months  I am holding in there. I bought all the seeds but will def be leaving them to self seed next year lol. I put in a search for Larkspur earlier on tonight and it kept giving me Delphiniums. Are they the same family?

06/02/2013 at 22:58

Yes they are.

06/02/2013 at 23:02

Ahh, ok, so that answers that then lol. Have you ever tried Astrantia?

06/02/2013 at 23:05

Yes I have the white one.

06/02/2013 at 23:05

Good evening all you seed sowers. Things have slowed down here. It got cold again

06/02/2013 at 23:09

Here too and we got snow last night so not impressed at all.

06/02/2013 at 23:12

just the odd flake here but so windy and cold. I know it's only Feb but it should be spring. 

06/02/2013 at 23:12

That will be Astrantia Major? Have you sown or has mother nature done the job?

Evening Nutcutlet, how are you doin?

06/02/2013 at 23:17

Ok here thanks Sam apart from the cold. I put all the pots of cuttings back in the greenhouse, they've been in and out a few times now. I think they've had more than enough water so they can stay for a bit now. I can just about move about in there to check for germinations.

Ok at your place?

06/02/2013 at 23:20

I dont really sow annuals half hardy or otherwise apart from the initial first plant. I bought an Astrantia  M 2yrs ago and notice last year I had new plants, I think there was 4 so I will replant them abit more spaced out in Spring then hopefully in another couple of yrs there will be a nice clump.

06/02/2013 at 23:30

Hmmm. Im new to the flower side of sowing and need as much advice as poss lol. 

Yeah, all good here Nutcutlet. Busy as a bee. I have a loan of a second greenhouse so getting that ready at the moment. Snow here tomorrow...or so they say but it was like a spring morning today. Probably lulling us into a false sense of security mind you lol. Any more seeds popping up?

06/02/2013 at 23:35


I had that last Friday  -2 on Thursday Friday +16 so sat in the garden for an hour soaking it up, I never get chance the rest of the year. Sat till Tuesday cold north wind then last night snow so beware as my husband said Germany and France got snow last night too so cld be heading for you next. 

06/02/2013 at 23:45

Well, its to hit Yorkshire and miss out Scotland which would be great but knowing my luck, just as the garden is drying out for the past couple of days, it will snow here again lol

07/02/2013 at 14:11

Todasy we have Rosa rugosa, Bupleurum longifolium, scabiosa ochroleuca and the first of  Carrie's aquilegias. Volcano

07/02/2013 at 16:27

Bitterly cold here but the sun was shinning so thought Id better go shopping in case I get snowed in again. Glad I did! all the new bulbs are in the shop so came home with a bag full. I got 10 new lillies called Innocent Lady its white and double has anyone got it. Ive searched the internet and only 2 sites in the USA come up, I tried uk search and nothing!. They seem expensive over there as 6 were about $32 I think around £20 -  I payed £10 for 10. Also bought Nerines and some Regal lilys a nice white dahlia only small flowered tho (dont like the really big ones) and Childanthus lovely perfumed yellow flowers. Got some more seeds, here they are 12p a pkt I think cheaper than the UK. Ammi visnag Nicotina sylvestris and Euphorbia Marginata the leaves are variagated. I dont know if you can grow that over there as it cant take v wet soil so I think thats most of the UK ruled out

07/02/2013 at 18:29

Here in the east we can usually grow the euphorbia. Last year was a washout.

07/02/2013 at 18:58

From what I heard it was for alot of things.

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