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by chance watched Michael Buble last night and found myself impressed by the guy.  Seems genuine and modest and I got to like him

anyway, today the news has it that his young son was diagnosed with cancer.  

no child should suffer cancer.....I have personally been involved in the devastation it causes.  The child becomes an adult overnight whether he or she survives or not

ok, naive of me, but If the money poured into warfare and obscene salaries was ploughed into cancer research we might now be looking at a cure for it 

Couldn't agree more Verdun, wouldn't know the chap if I fell over him but that is something no parent should ever have to face


If anyone wants to send some practical help to the youngsters who have this difficult hill to climb, and their parents and siblings, have a look at the CLIC Sargent website, one of the best charities I've ever come across. 


I love a bit of Buble and sad to see this news after watching him last night. Pray that his son responds to treatment and makes a full recovery. Cancer is a dreadful disease for anyone, let alone a child 😥


We had a three year old boy visit the museum on Monday. We were closed and everything I could reach was disinfected to within an inch of its life. There was no fuss no melodrama, it was just a normal day.

As I watched them explore I learnt that he'd spent more of his short life with cancer than without. It was his first museum visit.

If it tugs a string in the heart of a stranger I can't imagine how pulled taut his families are.


Unfortunately such a small amount of funding is spent on childhood cancer. Its only 4% of funds are spent on childhood cancer in the USA and I'm assuming it wont be much better here. So sad.


I have to say, childhood cancer was the last nail in my religious coffin.

yes agree.  Takes away all belief in a pleasant divine being.  In contrast, you can see the very best of people in such circumstances. 

Couldn't put it better than this:

Thanks Hosta - I thought it would turn into a link when I posted it - what did I do wrong?


I think if you put a full stop after it, it works, or put it on a separate line. Not sure. 


Love Buble, have seen him perform live and he is wonderful.  Can't imagine what he and his wife are going through.  Just goes to show that no matter how rich and famous you are there are some things that you can't control.

Wish him well.

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