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Is the sharp sand (not building sand )from Homebase/Wicks etc the same as the Garden Centers stuff please 


Hi Alan, yes mate - I always buy sharp sand from builder's merchants as it's much cheaper than GCs.


I've got some sharp sand from the builders merchants - seems fine.

Alan - how are you doing? 


just the answer i was hoping for Bob , many thanks matey,Cheers


Hi Dove ,im out the wheelchair now on one or two crutches depends how i feel, and after 7 weeks the neck collar comes off next Tuesday,( i Hope ) manage to get to the greenhouse sometimes as well,its mostly getting there now bit by bit, and i think a new Halls greenhouse might be in the offing the one with the workers sitting on the top in  there  advert, a nice 10x8 hopefully , hope your doing ok,  PS and talk about wind weve had to add more stakes to the new trees Kates planted its blowing like agooden Cheers  Alan


I live in a non-English speaking country. How would I know if my sand was "sharp" or not?


Sharp sand has lots of different grain sizes and bits of small grit and looks like this:

Builder's sand is much finer, more uniform in grain size and usually a darker brown colour.

Thanks. I think I have the right thing then…. probably.


Alan - glad to hear things are going well - keep it up 


Some builder's sand is from sea-dredging - you may want to get 'washed' sand to ensure it's not too salty for your plants.


I use sharp sand from builders merchants to help the drainage when mixed with compost. I increase the ratios for cuttings; it works well, it was a builder who advised me to use it and his veg always grow very well.


All good info on ere folks just the job, and oh by the way do builders use any type of grit, you know the type for putting on top of the pots to help keep in the moisture as i find the G/c very expensive AND the sun is almost out today ere in Norfolk.


If you are using sharp sand on its own (for something like a heated bed), then I would use horticultural sand as it has no salt. If mixed with compost then builders sharp sand will do (and cheaper).


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