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Morning folks, 

Here we are again!! 

Please post proud pictures of your trees, humbugs, stockings, wreaths!

I bought my first real tree this year and will be proudly showing you shortly!

So I went to the Range for some new pillows......they had only got one set....didn't want to prioritize one persons need for new pillows over the others... Then I heard a voice from above....."don't forget we have some gorgeous real Christmas trees in stock! Why not take a look!?!" Why not? I thought.....what's the worst that could happen?  phoned hubby, said I was just going to have a look......

Hmmmmm he said. don't come back with a tall one! As if I would!? so I happened across a beautiful short but tubby tree! 

Drumroll please!

I did get some pillows each from dunelm 


We bought a cut Nordman last week from our usual place. It is outside in a bucket  until I clear some space for it. I went to lidl today and succumbed to a three footer pot grown for £16.99 We will have it on the patio.  I've just got to venture into the attic for the decorations.

Thanks Dove 

Looking forward to seeing your two Fidget!


Ours was cut down yesterday and was home and decorated within a couple of hours!

David Matthews2

Rudolph and some of his chums made an early Dec visit to us...*The tree etc doesn't emerge  (from the attic) until much, much later in the month; say low 20's >>>. Enjoy Advent to it's full anticipatory extent THEN go big for Christmastide itself is our way.

Slum, what a gorgeous tree! I would love to be able to have one that tall but we have a low ceiling in the snug! I'm like you! Extra keen and every other job was put o hold once I'd got the tree home!

David thats a lovely festive display! I like the idea of the gradual build up of decorations. I think my excuse for being early is I only have four days off so I'm making the most of the build up to Christmas 


Lovely trees. I have a twig one with multi coloured lights outside since yesterday. Love it to bits. Noticed as I came up the street tonight that I seemed to have led the way this year as a few other houses had their outside lights on tonight. 


Do these count? Made them tonight for the bookclub ladies tomorrow along with home made puff pastry mince pies.

Oh yes indeed they count Hogweed! Very festive, especially the noses! 


We went to a local Christmas tree farm and got our tree yesterday...


Clari that looks so good. What a lovely room 

Dovefromabove says:

Clari that looks so good. What a lovely room 

See original post

 Bit different from last year's decorations of bare brick and no electricity / heating / floor!


Lovely shaped tree as well. 


Clari that's beautiful! And a transformation has happened since last year I'd say! Luxury and comfort and Reggie's pal looks happy!


Hogweed, did you feed them with alcohol? They look a trifle sqiffy 

All looking good so far... bit early for me yet, but have my hand-made wreath made on weekend at Christmas Floristry Workshop.

Hogweed: excellent reindeer! They do look pleasantly merry! Two questions though:  is your design copywrited? and are the antlers 'Curly Wurly'?? 

Clari I too did a double take! Beautiful room for you...........they say the best things are worth waiting for!

lovely trees and decor everyone, isn't it amazing how the lights transform a room!

we are off to get ours from the valley tomorrow   We need to put them up on tables in a safe place as we have 4 under 4 this year (Plus two dogs)


An artifical one for now I am afraid. I  have had one of them since grandsons arrived. I could not trust a toddler not to pull it over. The artificial one would probably not cause a small child so much damage as a heavy tree if it fell on a head. We shall see.

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