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Oakley Witch
I was surprised to see my drumstick alliums are through buy 6 is my dwarf iris collection. My climbing rose has flowers and my honeysuckle is throwing new shoots. Hmmmmm :?? Dont think this is quite right.
Got hellebores starting to flower., primulas in flower, daffodils several inches high, rhubarb leafing again and signs of new life everywhere. Salvia leucanthemum still flowering it's socks off as though it's still summer and pelargoniums outside still offering colour. Even got New guinea impatiens outside still flowering. Stocks and wallflowers showing flower. All bit weird..........

Yeah, but you're in the subtropical south-west 


Up here in the Fens, Erysimum Apricot Twist is still flowering also Compassion Rose and a couple of nameless yellow roses. The second wave of Nasturtiums from this year's seeds only succumbed to frost 10 days ago and have now formed a line of green slime on the paving stones for me to clear up. Nice.

Dove, I have taraxacum officionale in flower too. Now, I am boasting!


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