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13/08/2013 at 06:44


It was what i call a nice weather wise sort of day yesterday "not to hot and just nice fot shorts on,

"No "T" shirt and as near to nude as i want to be gardening day,

(wouldn't fancy doing nude gardening myself, not like those pair i once saw on the tv gardening "Nude" nothing on except a big smile from the woman as she weeded and her husband standing there for the camera with a pair of shears in one hand and big smile !

No what with flies and bee's & god only knows what other crawlies crawling about the place i really wouldnt fancy "nude" gardening,

And then im sure when you least expected it there would be visitors or passing neighbours !!!!

Can you imagen the scene;?

"Oh and good morning to you"

, And how are your plums today !!!!!!!!!!! ?

Ive just been feeling my plums to see if they're ready for pulling off.

No its not for me, I'd have to be drunk to do such a thing But talking about being drunk and the time of year I just couldnt sit out on the patio last night and enjoy that end of the day feel i offten feel,

What with a nice cuppa and one of the dogs with me its a nice end to the days gardening "relaxing just us and the sun saying good night "its done its shift" and watching the moon appear for the grave yard shift "Night shift" arriving,

But non of this last night, the noise from the trees filled with drunken birds all squawking and singing  brought back memouries of the old days in the wine lodge in liverpool citiy centre when the pub songs started and everyone joined in (most out of tune)

And last night around 10pm the birds we're giving it jip,

Its all thanks to them getting the free grapes and other fruit,

they eat so much they end up drunk.

But thats nature for you, its that time of the year "What i call free larder time"

the doors open and the Larders full so help yourself, in a few months time the same "Nature larder will be empty" and i dare say little or no drunken singing will be heard then.

Wonderful thing nature and the garden.

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