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lots of places don't even allow you to register do they? it all makes sense now..


how about an apology to someone you decided to target, for no reason? Can we get an apology?


We do want to be happy Bunny. We're doing our best.

I suppose it's possible that the awful miserable weather outside is influenced, in some supernatural way, by what's going on here. Perhaps by sympathetic magic.

Or are we miserable and grumpy because of the weather - would we be here, squabbling like this, if it was a lovely day outside?

interesting we can't quote this, has the troll been banned?  Rest my case, a bad person throwing rubbish at people who don't deserve it.

   Morning Ben, I do blame the weather.. nothing supernatural...

the simple need to be out there doing what we like best - gardening and sharing our experiences the meantime we plan, visit gc's and imagine..

Look at those lovely Gallery photos - that's what it's all about.

 let it's too short...

BrummieBen, Unless it happens to you others don't seem to understand the frustration and distress these trolls cause. It's all very well for others to say ignore it, etc.
Hope you can work your Brummie magic to,persuade Brumbull to stay with us.
Meanwhile the forum has to accept challenging threads, to take thread titles less seriously and to assume most of us post,with goodwill, even if we dont always add smileys to prove it. We should all be able to post in our own way.

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