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.... the bottom of their garden.  Not me, I have this (I did on Tuesday evening anyway)




Those big machines are usually red or yellow here and next door we have these who like to keep an eye on me when I'm gardening.



What beautiful beasts, I'm jealous.  Are they noisy or just nosey


Very nosey.   Belgian Bleu Blanc (Blue Whites) - beef cattle who spend the summer in the field growing babies.   There's always a bull with them and it's usually OK but one year he wasn't at all friendly and complained every time he saw us outside - snorting, pawing, spraying poo, giving us the evil eye and leaning on the fence if we got too close.  


Oh crikey, maybe I'm not jealous after all but they're very handsome.  Cattle are incredibly nosey aren't they? Nearly all arable round here (E Anglia) but when I was little (many years ago) most farmers had a few cows out - they weren't dangerous but quite frightening when they followed you at close quarters, specially when you're knee high to a grasshopper!



It's the bullocks that are scary as they are so inquisitive (nosy) and stampede around in huge groups.


obelixx - that picture is hilarious!! It reminds me of my fishing days when I would be followed through fields by curious cattle.

Orchid Lady

Awwwwww, they are GORGEOUS, I love cows  If they lived at the bottom of my garden, I definitely wouldn't eat beef 


Obelixx; that had me laughing, they all look so serious!


They were bemused.  That holly hedge is at the southern end of our east boundary with teh paddock.  There is a wire mesh fence on the southern boundary between us and the road and I had gone out to cut out a new bed and plant it up so I was back and forth with tools, wheelbarrow, plants and the hosepipe and they just found it all fascinating.

We've had to put up a barrier of steel mesh (for reinforcing concrete) to stop the cows eating the tops of the holly hedge which was planted in 2002 and got wider every year but not taller.  Now it's 4' high and full of berries so doing well.

This year's bull is a real softy.   Here's the one that wasn't.  All muscle and no brain -



Beaus Mum

I can't believe I nearly missed this thread as was late on tonight!

Dyers I loved the Tractor and obelixx your pics are fantastic! At first I thought you was kidding  

Def gonna show all to oh tomorrow  Then he will understand and forgive why I was up so late 

Combine harvester BM - absolutely ginormous - and he had to stop when it got too dark (about 10pm).  Then it rained so it'll be back another day

That's a big one Dove, I reckon you could live in the cab!  Probably costs more than a house mind you


obelixx - that bull looks a mean machine a bit like a Charolais bull we had to get past a couple of weeks ago.  He had his 'ladies' with him but he was still very lively and kept thundering very close to us.  Hereford bulls are a lot more placid. We were worried about this Charolais guy especially as a lady farmer was with us and she was worried too.

DyersEnd - my word that harvester is huge


Beaus Mum

Dyers end I so knew you would correct me  But it was very late and I was tired 

Youve given me John Deere envy Dove! 

DyersEnd wrote (see)

That's a big one Dove, I reckon you could live in the cab!  Probably costs more than a house mind you

More than mine at any rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   More than a couple of mine and then some I expect 


I'm glad I didn't miss this thread, great pictures  


I do have fairies at the end of the garden though.....

well - they're in the house more I suppose...

We had cows in the field just across from us at last house. Someone rented it from our neighbour for the extra land, and brought some youngsters each year for the  summer.  They used to stand at the fence in the late afternoon and watch when we were working in the garden. Not sure I have any pix though. My ex's house had a farm field backing onto his garden and the residents often used to stand there looking in. 

Never mind pix of the cows, where are the pix of the fairies Fairygirl?