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Ditto Smokin Donkey, great sense of satisfaction seeing borders weeded and tidied up.

Smokin Donkey what is this "catching up " with weeding? When and how do you manage to do that? I am always one step away from being inundated with weeds everywhere I turn.


same here wb, I lost the battle years ago


I like weeding  I like doing it on my hands and knees with a little hand hoe, and I like doing it in the veg patch with a Dutch hoe.  So satisfying - I plan to spend much more time doing it .... when I retire 


Are you retiring Dove? You never mentioned it....

I like weeding. I find it hard to sit for long in the garden -always need a project- and there's always a little weed nearby that needs yanking out....



I find weeding very satisfying - never admitted that before 


Hello Smokin Donkey. I live in France too, Dordogne. I'm always weeding, except when it's too hot. I'm sure I have more weeds than most people, is it something to do with France, even the ants and slugs are bigger here!


Does everyone else get "Wyre Forest" and no info when they click on my avator pic? I've reported it several times, no dif.


I don't get Wyre Forest - I get the general explanation of what My Profile is, then the little bit I wrote about me and my garden is tacked on the end.  It's not how it usually is .... there do seem to be some blips with the forum at the moment - they're probably short staffed, school hols etc. 


Yes, but wrote the more ages ago and it's gone!

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