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Signed. Sadly I think that it's going to happen a lot more as the pressure for building land increases.


Thanks all.  Lots of allotments under pressure cos they're an easy target, especially for unimaginative councils and planners.   

Given it's Huddersfield there must be all sorts of  "dark satanic mills" that could be converted to houses and apartments.


I think several dark satanic mills have already been converted - much of the time to expensive luxury accommodation.

Don't advocate the tarting up of them all - that way the North West will lose it's distinctive look.

Certainly agree about the need to keep established Alottments going - in fact, the country could do with more of them.



I don't think they need to be tarted up to provide accommodation.  Some of them are beautiful - just need internal insulation, leccy, plumbing etc.


It seems these allotments are in peril because of plans to install an all weather football pitch which could just as easily be placed nearby.   What a waste!!

A lot of them are beautiful ( however you define that ) but many developers just can't help going over the top.

A football pitch ??  Jeez, the country is covered with them already  - in most of the UK, an all weather pitch is not exactly a must have - kicking a ball about in the open air can be done throughout the year without players suffering from frost bite, etc.

I wouldn't mind if all this "healthy" stuff made a difference to the populace - it doesn't - people can choose their lifestyles and it is up to them - they don't need tailor made exercise areas to enhance their lives. You either have a brain or you don't - simple really.

Sorry - rant over





All weather pitch PF - plastic grass!


I was reading 'Bee Quest' last night, a fantastic book by Dave Goulson, who started the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

He was describing the brownfield sites on the Thames Estuary and how they are much more biodiverse than greenfield sites, being as greenfield sites are mostly farmland and so heavily fertilised, pesticide-treated and fairly sterile, whereas brownfield sites are the opposite.

The unfortunate thing about these places is this: brownfield sites are often only surveyed just before they're ready to be developed. On some of these sites, really rare species or even new species are discovered, then have to be relocated before the area is built on.

As Dave Goulson points out, relocated creatures rarely succeed, as often we do not know their full habitat requirements, especially with the different insects. If we do know the habitat requirement, the species is relocated to an area of suitable habitat, which is likely to have that species present already and that habitat cannot support an increase in number of the same species, so roughly the same amount of creatures that were relocated there, die.

When will the powers-that-be wake up and realise that once they build on everything, and turn the rest of any land that's left into high-production farmland, heavily dosed with every chemical they can think of, we will have lost many of our fascinating insects and other creatures - and once they're gone, the other wildlife will suffer.

Gardens and allotments, when managed in a nature-friendly way, are crucial for our wildlife - and they even want to take these away from us!



Please sign if you can.  It seems the council wants to build another school on the playing fields and then use the allotments for an all weather playing field.  There is an appropriate sight for the new playing field nearby that doesn't involve turfing allotmenteers off their plots.  Many of them have already been moved just 10 years ago and are retired and won't or don't want to start again on fresh ground.

It seems the local Beeb news and the MP have now got behind this story but extra signatures will help too.


I think it’s such a shame that so little of the uk is actually built on and they have to use this land for building. There’s 90% or more of country not used or used only for agriculture which isn’t such a big thing for this country anymore,  but the allotments have to go! 

They are essential for peoples well being, they provide excercise without a gym subscription, get older people out into the community, if there were more allotments i‘m sure they’d be less doctors queues. 

Ive signed but as they require your postcode, they’ll probably say what’s it got to do with someone from the other end of the country.

Signed- We are always concerned about the pressure on Allotments, in our area we have 38 year leases but the council can revoke these at any time in the slimmest of pretexts. 

As per Lyn's post, I too signed but the need for Post codes made me wonder whether my signature would have much impact.