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sowed persicaria seeds over a month ago and none germinated, I have put them in the fridge for a few weeks and then took out in to a spring like enviroment and still no joy... checked all the seeds and they are hollow apart from a few .. have another batch of seeds sow but want/need some advice.

thanks in advance

Yes thats the site i bought the seeds from and followed the advice but it didnt work for me.


Sometimes seeds just don't. Who knows why. Not fresh, dried out, temperature wrong. Could be anything. I'd sow them in gritty compost with grit on top and just leave them in a shady spot until they do.


just thought I would mention that I bought several seeds from seedaholic like hot poker, aubrieta, tumbling ted, creeping thyme and all sowed very successfully and got great service from the seedaholic people, I dont believe this seeds were not fresh but rather something I did wrong or have to change around as nutcutlet says a different gritty compost or temperature or who knows ??? further advice from someone that has sown these successfully welcome!!!!! 

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