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21st or 22nd March for me


St. David's Day - 1st March  (unofficially spring because of the daffodils). 


Snow, rain, sleet, wind - and that was just this morning - now the sun is shining but it is so wet I dare not go out there - still, pretty to look at until it gets dark.  Bulbs are popping up all over the place, love those long straight green leaves even if I can't remember what I put where - and anyway, all the plans went awry when we dug up a bed with its bulbs and they had to go somewhere - anywhere there was a space between two bulbs already there that could take the one I had in my hand!! Disorganised chaos it will be, and lovely for all that.  Of course, this assumes that they don't all rot with the wet.

Breaks my heart to think of all those poor people who are flooded and don't look like getting anything better anytime soon. 

No expert

Edd. We have had a lot of rain and wind this jan/Feb more than I can remember since i was a kid. Snow on and off all day to-day. Got fed up looking out at it so i sowed seeds in the unheated propagators I got in Lidl. Onions Leeks Cabbage and Brocolli. Now dont feel so bad about weather.

Last year we went from Winter in May to Summer in June, no sign of that Spring guy.

It has been a lovely afternoon here (Somerset)...........a good couple of hours with sunshine rain after heavy rain and hail this morning.

Unfortunately, it's now back to the norm.............wind and rain's a relief to know that Spring will start for sure on 28th Feb - you sound very determined 



Ashleigh 2

Philippa, I didn't know you were in Somerset, how have you fared with the flooding?


...yes Philippa, very determined..I have to be with a bad  

start of my gardening year....a month earlier when I lived in Cornwall..... of course mid-June for Fairygirl.... let us commiserate... are out of the way of the floods..I hope...

do you have a big garden..? I always think they are so much nicer...even if overgrown....

So envious of you guys being able to burn prunings!  I was burning a few twigs (literally, and in an incinerator) when wah wah wah........... The fire brigade!  Quite nasty they were too.  Came for my neighbour last year.  We don't live in a built up area either.  In Ireland, where we are not renowned for environmental prominence.  My fear would be being made to pay for the fire trucks visit.  Now that would be nasty!

No expert

hi Hester I'm about 1 hour down the M7 from the red cow. know how you feel about not being able to burn things. Nothing like a good bonfire to clear out garden rubbish.



That's a little harsh - last day of May we just about finish winter, and get a good month before Autumn arrives 

My ex partner was fond of a good burning. He lived in a village - not even semi rural really - and never had any problems. It must depend totally where you live and  what council policies are. 

Despite the horrendous news coverage, not all of somerset is underwater well, my garden is but thankfully not my house.  I am lucky enough to live to the west of the M5 - but it is a serious problem for much of the county - the Levels proper are not too far from me and it is dreadful to see what some people are having to deal with.

Although I lived in Devon and cornwall previously, I only returned to the UK after 10 years absence in 2012 so I hadn't really been aware of the weather patterns.  I confess it was a bit of a shock.

I have gradually downsized from a few acres to something much smaller.....sensible probably but who wants to be sensible

Snow on the hills here with sleet most of the afternoon and a frosty start but the bulbs are coming through. 

I guess March is spring for me.  

Because we have had no cold weather yet I now think we may have a late spring with a cold spell arriving next week or so.  


We had frost this morning, then high winds and monsoon like rain, followed by hail then snow, then back to rain the gorgeous sunshine!  Of course the ground is in such a state I couldn't do anything but nice to have some sun. 

Ashleigh 2

Is it just going to get gradually warmer (and hopefully drier) and ease gently into spring or if we are going to get a really cold spell first, how far in advance do meteorologists know/guess?



I declare it Spring when I get my legs out  Do sometimes end up with very cold legs.

Jess is in the Garden

Ah, that sounds lovely Forester!

When there is a break in the rain here in London and I can even get outside to have a look at my garden, I can see shoots everywhere. Daffodils and narcissus just starting to emerge, snowdrops all out at last, shoots on irises and dwarf if it could just stop raining for a couple of weeks please....



Scary winds today and I can feel the house shuddering and rain battering at the windows.  We lost power for a while but back on now.  Thrush is still out in the garden which I'm so pleased about. I always marvel how birds manage to fly about with the high winds.


That would be lovely Edd