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I was doing some pruning today and noticed tiny green shoots on the cotoneaster and the buds on the honeysuckle are swelling and look ready to burst.  A thrush was singing it's heart out as well and I had to stop to listen to it - lovely.


You're right Forester, we had our coffee break outside in the sun today.


Yes, despite the fact the garden was frozen most of the day, the birds were very active, there were buds appearing and green shoots pushing up through the soil. 


The birds here are collecting moss for nests.

Forester2...........lucky you.............thrushes seem to be few and far between these days....I'd love to see one in my garden.............they do seem noticeable in their absence in many areas


nutcutlet wrote (see)

You're right Forester, we had our coffee break outside in the sun today.

Sun Nut???? We've had nothing but torrential downpours 

But the blue tits are definitely looking at the nest boxes 


Philippa - Yes, that is why I stopped to listen to it singing.  I have seen a couple around lately but they are very rare around here.  And of course there wasn't one around when I did the RSPB annual bird watch!


Yes Dove, sun.  

We've had a lovely day. Not a hint of rain til after 4pm and then not much. Rain does tend to miss us, great now but a bit frustrating in summer when we need some.

Me too, lovely day with warm sunshine until after 3pm. The crocuses and Eranthis opened fully for the first time.Got stuff planted, shrubs pruned, cut back brambles - great gardening day!


Sorry Dove

We've been out all day pruning/borderline tree surgery. Got a pile of stuff to shred that's taller than me and a great heap of logs. Does laurel burn well?

Nut, I love garden fires.  Got lot of stuff to burn for a friend soon.  Laurel will burn well enough if piled on top of the flames to dry first.  Still have a comifer to burn too before spring.  Great stuff left behind for the fruit bushes too 


Firewood Verdun.  We have a wood burning stove. Some slow burners would be good, we have a lot of willow which is quick. Hawthorn and blackthorn are slower and ash is good.

We used to burn in the past but anything less than 1-2 inches in diameter goes through the shredder now.


Had sun today and at 2.30pm in sun it hit 16C, briefly !! More rain tomorrow.


 Photos from today.

Mark 499
Rain on & off all day here in Suffolk, thunder this evening too.



Should have kept my mouth shut as today it is cold and sloshing down with rain.

Nut - I don't think you will be having your coffee out in the sun today.


You're right Forester, I've just brought it into the sitting room.

Today less bad than tomorrow's predictions though and all nothing compared to what some are putting up with 


Yes Nut - you're so right - just very squelchy here. 

No expert

No sign of Spring here today. Snooooow


..Spring for me, starts February 28th.. and I don't care what anyone else says about it... and that includes the weather....