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what a scary prog.  David Attenborough right now.  Those snakes chasing that Lizard!  Glad the doors and windows are closed  

mind you, could be spiders around 

Hazel --

Verdun, those snakes were absolutely horrible! It was like watching an Indianna Jones film!

hated them and we were rooting for the little iguanas lol!

Shrinking Violet

Glad I didn't see them - snakes definitely not a favourite creature of mine!

Actually gave up on the programme after about 20 minutes:  so fed up with the music - not background but foreground much of the time, and intensely irritating.

Hazel --

....and now we have yellow crazy ants squirting acid into crabs eyes!!!

Hazel, fascinating but awful at the same time.

wonder if some super being is filming us equally aghast at our antics! 



I said to hubby, if the snakes were CGI I would have said they had overegged it. Talk about a horror story. I hate snakes. When we were last on Christmas Island, I understood that the crazy ants were slowly being eradicated, to protect the crabs. There were signs up in the forested area warning of poison bait. The feral cats were euthanised, and pet cats were  spayed or castrated to protect the birds that nest on the ground. No more cats will be allowed on the island.


Thank God I wasn't watching it.


I always liked the simile: 'as thin as a racing snake'. I thought it was made up - like racehorses are thin. But now I realise it must come from the racer snake.

My husband will have nightmares tonight. He's even afraid of the plastic poundshop lootbag snakes 


We did find a red crab in our bathroom, on the upper floor!

Hazel --

FB, watch out for the yellow ants then.......

It truly was pretty gruesome but as OH said, David Attenborough slays shows us something we have never seen before. Genius.....


I have been lucky enough to see these snakes. There are 5 separate species on the different islands. I hate snakes [ why do I go to places that have lots? ]

They are constrictors and not really harmful to people, although they looked bloody scary in the film tonight.

Bloody Penquins literally, some being smashed to pieces on rocks. Komodo dragons cage fighting, and F1 snakes after baby lizards, it was like watching WW3. I thought it would be a nice quiet nature film. Then we got Dan Snow searching for gold in the wilds of the Klondike on their own with helicopters boat builders tow boats and around thirty minders. Why did they not fly in do a bit of panning and fly out?


PS. I hid the kitkat in the fridge in case we get bears wandering around in the night.

Hazel --

...should have read..." shows..." not slays

I agree Punkdoc, ( and Verdun ) really scary

Mike Allen

I watched most of the episode.  Yes I enjoyed it. As I am sure puncdok will agree, especially as part of his med training included zoology.   Truthfully I amd many of my friends get a bit sick and tired of David's constant quote, "Some fifty million years ago"  Despite.  When questioned.  David once said.  I have to stick by the script.  In all honesty, without such films, we superior creatures would know very little about the natural world.  Perhaps, just a thought.  As gardeners, do we not at time become naturalists. also.

Agree with you Hortico about the "50 million" quotes.  How on earth can this make sense?  these figures are simply silly 

however, fascinating prog.  Nature is amazing but oh so cruel too



This is starting to sound like posters only liking species that are pretty and not aggressive. 

Those Comodo Dragons fighting were scary and the poor little lizards being chased by those horrid snakes. How about those small bugs which we encourage to  eat the poor aphids? The slugs being eaten alive by nematodes. Those poor penguins getting battered.

Nature is red in tooth and claw.  It would be scary to young children though.

Those Bullers  Alabatross were very handsome birds.

Hazel --

For me, the snakes came out of nowhere and, having never seen them before in this fashion( ie in their natural habitat and doing what comes naturally) it really gave me a " wow" moment.j I wasn't expecting to see what I saw so that was all IamWeedy.

It isn't that I just like seeing the good and cute, pretty etc, I know nature is not pleasant at times,they have to survive and that's what they do, so let's put it another was spectacular to see

Think last nights programme was all about the hardships which animals endure.


We were cheering on the baby iguanas against the snakes.

Apparently the BBC want to cut down the natural history unit. 

What's the betting they all go and work for National Geographic. I'd sooner they cut out some of the antique and baking programmes. Or cut the salary of some of the "presenters" that do chat shows and the like.

Loved this prog! Some of the shots "didn't look real" to me - maybe it was the ultra-high definition film they used? 

Those Komodo Dragons! I can't believe we share a planet with those creatures! They look so dinosaur; so alien! I too was shouting at the Iguanas! Best prog all week.

I remember hiding between huge metal girders and metal fence in Australia as a kid only to see a mighty big snake with me ..............snakes to this day are not my "thing" 

i will be tuned in again to David Attenborough's prog next week.