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19/08/2013 at 08:09

Ive said in a thread a few days ago that a good place to buy gardening books is the likes of the red cross /animal rescue shops etc,

Well ive one such book on my desk as i write this and its about four inches thick and it was first on the market in 1934 "edited by E.T. ELLIS "F.R.H.S."

I bought this book second hand in september 1999 in a animal rescue shop in Bala mid wales for £3-00.

In the opening page is a little note saying to J. S THOMPSON AND ITS DATED 1934.

As you go through the book for verious subjecs other gardens of the time have been added with their experienced contributions,

And many hand written notes also by i imagen was J. S. Thompson,

Ive used this book many times over the years (i call it my bible) and i just wanted to point out the value for next to nothing of buying such a book full of so much information,

Ive many such books most bought from shops or book flee markets and all have their worth when deciding a new plant for the garden no matter if its veg/flowers or garden construction.

Such buys are still really good value and well worth looking for a money paid goes to good causes,


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