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Watched the start up last night of Strictly and from the very beginning my heart sank. Over the years the show bizz bit has overtaken the actual Dance although most years the dance won in the end. This year my forebodings tell me dance will lose, it will become much like the American dancing with the stars all show and little substance.

I ask where did they get those so called Celebs, who are they, what have they done. My feelings are at the moment leave it off until week five or six, they may have got rid of some of the dross by then. Once again I say poor Anton, they never load the scales in his favour.



Haven't heard of some of them but I like the look of a few Frank and expect some fun and some good dancing as the weeks progress..  

I just hope they take advantage of their 3 weeks of one to one lessons with a professional to produce a decent 90 seconds when they come back.  Doesn't seem too much to ask.

Can do without all the hype and padding but can't miss a week in case there is the odd early gem.


Sick and tired of these Celebs who nobody has heard of ,what is their talent?


See reply on t'other thread.   Celebrity is a fairly loose term these days and most of it goes over my head as I don't watch much TV and no soaps or sports.

Yes, people who are not well known.....why don't they invite ordinary Joe /josephine Bloggs instead?  ........bigging up their own ego's 

greasy, shoe polished skins added to the mix.

ok!  never really seen it properly and many rave over it but apparently a nasty, bad tempered judge and another who likes to jump all over the table and wave his arms in every direction then assess the showponies 

what's wrong with a repeat of the news instead?  



If you haven't watched it properly you can't  have an informed opinion.

I suggest you record the news and watch it twice instead.

All the Strictly judges have a background in dance and performance so judge accordingly.  The 'nasty' one was actually very mellow and constructive in his comments last year and I have found in the past that those that get his scathing comments generally deserve them.

Nice one Obelixx    Hope nobody else is so offended     Thought my  would have given a clue as to context.   

(Bit of a clue......people who say they have never seen Eastenders but then mention all the characters and storylines?) 

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Palaisglide says:
 My feelings are at the moment leave it off until week five or six, they may have got rid of some of the dross by then.
See original post

 That's what I do every year.  Avoid the first few weeks until the totally hopeless have gone and then dip in and out.

I also see the Tess Daley's dress designer hasn't improved.  This week's offering with the cutaway looked like a raw chicken leg sticking out.


Verdun - I never use smilies and they don't register with me.  The one you refer to looks more like Pinocchio growing his nose telling porkies than someone trying to be funny.   

Tess's dress choices do seem odd sometimes for someone with such a gorgeous figure.  Too much black too.   I rather like Claudia's jokey bits like the long jumper and am pleased to see her wearing fewer "tents" of late.  She too has a lovely figure and you don't have to show acres of bare flesh.  Discreet and elegant is far more sexy on both men and women IMHO.

Who put a rather rotund Ed Balls in horizontal stripes?   And wotsit Redknap in that pink thing?

What does this smilie suggest?    So what porkies then?  

Anyway   End of 


Like I said, Pinocchio to me.  Smilies are so imprecise and open to misinterpretation or, as in my case, just being over-looked and ignored.

Hmmm ..........your post was clear enough 


I did ballroom dancing for year when I was ( much ) younger and thought I'd love the programme, but it seems we've imported the vile american habit of hooting and screaching throughout any performance . I gave up after about 10 minutes.

To be fair, I avoid any programme with the "celebrity" in the title so this only just managed to get through the filter.

When I first started on the forum I was reprimanded for not using smilies..??   So I used smilies.  Maybe I won't  then in future.

Smilies are no substitute for life a smile or a grimace or a hand gesture accompanies what we say.   I think that's what smilies are for here



But there's no tone of voice so I never use them.  English has a wealth of words to express our feelings and opinions or share news but even then can be misinterpreted on a forum with no sound.

Keep it simple I say.


I have watched every series so far and yes, I have not heard of most of them. But I will enjoy seeing Well Young and Judge Rinder - I think they will be fun. Love all the dresses apart from Claudia's. They are never very attractive (nor Claudia's). I could do with less of Claudia's 'silly girl' act as well. Mindless entertainment for a Saturday night. And that jive was fabulous! I just fast forward through the bits that bore me. 

I never know all of them,but that is what's interesting about it.They have to be different age groups and ability,that makes it fair for everyone.If they had just yuong people, would that be wright?

Think we should ask Nora to remove smilies then 


No need.  Some people really like them.   Let everyone exercise their preference but be prepared for the usual range of misunderstandings we get on here from time to time - with and without smileys.