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star gaze lily

Starts tonight at 7.15

Hope its as good as previous years........not sure the line up is as good this year ........but will still watch it tonight lol.

star gaze lily

Oops sorry, not sure why thread appeard twice!

Beaus Mum

Don't watch it really SGL but I hear Peter Andre is in it this year so may take a peak! 

It's not as good without bruce but still watch it. I also watch sewing bee, started me dress making again.

I'll be watching

Wonder if Frank will start posting again?


star gaze lily

I was thinking about Frank a couple of weeks ago Kef. Hope he's well.



I used to watch X Factor but I'm so fed up with it now that I'm defecting to Strictly.


X factor is my guilty pleasure.  I'm not a massive tv person but for some reason X factor draws me in.  I record it (OH laughed at me the other day for using the term "tape") so I don't have to watch adverts and can forward through the worst of the drivel. 


Just one of the reasons for me Jo


Snoodle I probably won't be able to resist a peek now and again

Jo you don't need a TV with your lovely views


In my childhood I did ballroom dancing for years and loved it. 

But I can't stand strictly, it's all that hooting and hollering throughout ( another vile american import ).

Can't they just watch the dance and applaud at the end? 


we can't stand it either, or Xfactor or any other cookery, quiz and any shows with members of the public in them.


Oh. I love it.  Looking forward to it.   I like to have something to eat and drink while I'm watching as well.  Big kid that I am.   

I watch X factor but nothing else, and not fussed it if miss it.    Don't follow the soaps anymore to much violence, swearing and unbelievable story lines  SO.  Strictly is my pleasure and not even ' ' 'Guilty'. about it.   Roll on 7pm.      

Different strokes for different folks !!!!   


Footie first then Strictly I'm happy 

Shrinking Violet

Love Strictly - it's worth the end of summer to know that every Saturday I'll get my fix of sequins and showtime!  And a bit of dancing, no doubt. And "It takes Two" every weekday.

Carol Kirkwood looks good - can't wait to see how well she can dance.  But her bubbly personality will carry her a long way (I hope).

So that's autumn viewing sewn up until December, then.  Can't wait

SV aka Strictly's Biggest Fan


Mel M

I would rather watch my grass grow.

star gaze lily

I will tape it and watch later.........OH won't want to watch it 

hollie hock

Love strictly, will be watching every week

Pat E

Not familiar with the show.  Is it called strictly come dancing? I have a vague feeling I've heard of that. We do get X factor here as well as Britains got talent and the Voice  but I also find the audience noise overwhelming. We always try to watch it on recorded playback so that we can skip the bits we don't like.  We've just finished the oz Voice for 2015 and only had one judge from oz. the others were Jessie J (wearing almost no top), Ricky Martin and the Good Charlotte twins.   We also like to watch 'so you think you can dance'.