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I recently created an Instructable and video tutorial on making a low maintenance succulent terrarium and thought gardeners world readers might be interested. The project basically involves modifying a glass jar, creating a suitable environment, planting the plants and installing the night light.

I made these as Christmas presents for my family (hence the low maintenance part ) and think they would make a nice gift or decorative piece for a windowsill.


Video tutorial:

I'd love to hear what people think and any suggestions on improving the project for future versions.


We used to make terrariums but they always had a moist environment so we only ever put ferns in them.

I thought cactus liked dry warm air, I will have to look into this, it sounds interesting and would make a nice gift.


Yeah, usually they don't go too well but I made some adjustments to accomodate them. Added some ventilation, only water lightly and keep the lid off for a few days after watering which seems to minimise any issues. Have a couple that have been going for a few months now and are still looking good.

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