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Anyone stuck in work and wishing they where out in that nice weather ? 

Oh Flumpy, mate, dunno what to say, i think you need biscuits
Orchid Lady

Driving is a nightmare.....too cold with the air con on, can't turn it off because it's too hot, open the window and get lorry fumes.....all through the lakes when I'd rather be IN one of the lakes 


No no still being good Bekkie lost 6pound in the last two weeks , how are you going on?


Orchid Lady

Well done Flumpy, that's fab  I didn't lose anything this week, am bit gutted (well a lot gutted) but will keep at it, I'm upping the swimming next week.


Ha ha Orchid, yes I know what you mean, the Lake sound nice and refreshing 

Orchid Lady

I've swam in lake Windermere....but that's another story 


You always loose a lot at first then it slows down unfortunately, but keep it up Orchid you will get there, I've been going Legs,tums and bums, ha I couldn't walk for a week!, this week was better tho 

star gaze lily

Oh yes OL.........well we're all ready and've

I was at the salt mines in this heat today, and i know where i'd rather be.......and if the weather changes once i've finished i shall stamp my feet and sulk 

Orchid Lady

Well I'm driving to Scotland tomorrow 

Not tonight Lily and it's boring really 

Flumpy, I did TB&T on Monday night, muscles only just better, I had to cancel yoga on Tuesday because I couldn't move enough to do it but did manage spinning last night and swimming twice.  I'm hoping next week will be easier  I can feel by body toning up which I'm please with.


Well done OL you should be proud of yourself, hey they say no pain no gain 


I always used to go off to a special place for mid summer, when i was younger. They were magical places and times. 

Yes it sounds like myth but its not. 

Fishing in the woods ( fishing in the Nature reserve that i was a bouncer for, for many years)  Glastonbury tor, before the main event (stone henge was just a big let down and)  Avebury Henge was the same. 

Let me stroll over Rannock Moor and descend into the depths of Glen Coe  anyday  at any month, even with the midge. This has to be the most. deep, dark and intimidating place in the world.

A bit  like finding mushrooms in Worthy farm!!!! or lightening in Guei on the Cat\atumbo river Venezuele. I could not believe these places existed. 4,000 lightening strikes a hour was too much to believe for me. 

I was proved wrong.

Still dumb struck, with that. Glastonbury was not fare behind. ( 8 years never paid. suited  me. 2 week before and 2 week after. Its too commercial now )


Orchid Lady

Thats what I told myself when I woke up on Tuesday morning Flumpy  


This week ive done spin twice and lbt once, just been eating too much rubbish, havent been weighing myself often, just want to be able to get into smaller clothes!

That all sounds amazing Edd
Orchid Lady

We appear to have digressed from the OP again....oops 

Sounds fab Edd  Could you use the mushrooms you found at Worthy Farm 


Oh Edd I'm with you on Glencoe!! I first went there aged 10 back in the sensational 70s. I think Alfred Wainwright called it a 'glacial defile' or something. Its a very intense place and not just because of its infamous massacre.The mountains seem to close in on you and I think I'm right in saying its the wettest place in the British Isles at 100" of rain a year 


Not sure about the weather facts Fishy65 but i first went down in a car, just before a thunder storm. It is a dank dark place that grabs you from within. You said intents and that is the word for it. It gets my heckles up every time i think of the place. 

Never did drive back through it. Walked (WHW) from the door step in Milngavie and back  and done so many ridges there that you would think i was born there. I even fell of a frozen stream on Glencoe north face with ice axe and crampons but that is another story.

The whole place connects with me, not sure why. 

If you want a good laugh try the visitor centre at the top.(it might have changed and i hope it has) Its a embarrassment to Scotland.



PS. VIRGIN MEDIA has been off for the last 40 mins so i appologise for them



As I was saying, the height of summer has arrived and I was wondering which plants signal the end of summer.

Yes, Verdun, our first summer's day yesterday and it's raining now!

Still it brings the colour out in the garden.