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We have just enjoyed our first summer's day this year. Hooray!  A stunning 26 degrees Celcius.

But already some plants are over and gone. And the hours of darkness are definitely getting longer.

What plant is the first one that heralds the end of summer for you? For me it is seeing the buds of the Sedum spectabile begin to colour. Fortunately, the buds are still pale green. Time for another spritzer.

When the veggies like runner beans come out , then have a big bonfire

I was thinking of making a bonfire of mine today, and then I saw two miniature beans, all of 1 cm long. Two beans!!!! I'll give them another chance.

Pansy face.......your first summer's day??  It's been summer here for weeks.

However, I guess high summer is when heleniums, dahlias, agastaches, cannas and most else come together in an explosion of colour. So.....few more days yet.


Our first summer's day, yes.

Edd, you are way ahead of me.....


Orchid Lady

When the sun goes down and they become summer nights....oh oh those summer ni-iiightsssss (sorry that is meant to be a tribute to Grease....couldn't resist ) I think the us has affected me 


It's OK OL, I like that song.

On this estate, the end of summer could be when the crimbo lights go up!
Orchid Lady

That should have said 'sun has affected me' Glad you like it Pansy but just as well you can't hear me singing it 


..I tend to think summer is over when the Last Night of the Proms takes place... hasn't long started, so we've a way to go

Give over David, im in the mids too, it aint that warm

If I offered my body all I'd get is a bucket of snow

Ok, it probably was pretty warm in a car! But you arent in it now are you? Ive had to put a cardi on! Not cold but not sweltering
Men tend to suffer more than women in the heat, my OH is lying on the bed with the fan on, bless him
Anyway its chimley round here!
Orchid Lady

I'd just get the bucket...thrown at me 



Anyone stuck in work and wishing they where out in that nice weather ?